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82. Did my ccna3 final exam today (5/11/2018). EIGRP for IPv6 supports unequal cost load balancing, but EIGRP for IPv4 does not. Configure the same hello interval between the routers. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator issues the command R1(config)# license boot module c1900 technology-package securityk9 on a router. Routers send periodic updates only to neighboring routers. (Choose two.). 10. What two license states would be expected on a new Cisco router once the license has been activated? A network administrator has attempted to implement a default route from R1 to the ISP and propagate the default route to EIGRP neighbors. Downstream SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) refers to the signal being sent in relation to the noise on the line. 52. Refer to the exhibit. (Choose two.). A router's NAT firewall keeps unrequested data from the WAN side of the router from getting to the LAN side. Match each description to its corresponding LSA type. When a Cisco router is configured with fast-switching, how are packets distributed over equal-cost paths? SW2 interface Gi 1/1 is connected to SW3 interface Gi 1/2. It allows load balancing between routers. 83. Any trunk ports will be allowed to connect to the network immediately, rather than waiting to converge. 23. Why is the TTL value not decreasing? What is the effect of this command? RouterA(config-router)# network 0, RouterA(config-router)# network 0. Match the OSPF router type description with its name, – Internal routers -> All the router of this type have identical LSDBs. Refer to the exhibit. Refer to the exhibit. All the routers of this type have identical LSDBs –>, All the routers of this type maintain separate LSDBs for each area to which they connect. Hello, A company has deployed four 48-port access layer switches to a switch bock. To test WAN-to-LAN throughput, however, we need to shut off this defense. 95. 1995 - 2021 ARRIS Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A comprehensive database of more than 11 router quizzes online, test your knowledge with router quiz questions. ... 55: Wonky Fish! The CiscoVille router requires a second keychain to function correctly when using two interfaces for EIGRP authentication. Save. Type 1 and type 2 external routes in IPv4 networks are represented in the routing table by EX1 and EX2, respectively. Classless routing protocols do not allow for route summarization. PC2 is unable to communicate with PC1. Which routing protocol is able to scale for large networks and utilizes non-backbone areas for expansion? (Choose two.). Which statement describes the load balancing behavior of EIGRP? What is the purpose of the vlan.dat file on a switch? The newly added switch will automatically switch to VTP client mode. Load balancing occurs between links configured as different EtherChannels. When the show spanning-tree vlan 33 command is issued on a switch, three ports are shown in the forwarding state. This network has been learned from an internal router within the same area. Each router builds a Link-State Packet (LSP) containing the state of each directly connected link => Step 3 116. If the physical interface for one of the trunk links changes to a down state, what happens to the EtherChannel? Test grade calculator. link-state database => This is where you can find the topology table. The SPF algorithm chooses the best path based on 30-second updates. S1 will set the priority value for VLAN 20 to 24596. 80. Got 100%. During the verification of the implementation, it is noted that the routing tables on R1 and R2 do not include the entry for a remote LAN on R3. SW2 interface Gi 1/2 is connected to SW4 interface Gi 1/1. What should be done to fix the problem? A network engineer is troubleshooting a newly deployed wireless network that is using the latest 802.11 standards. Its topology table contains two feasible successors to the same network. Which step can be taken to ensure that a switch added to the network does not overwrite the VLAN databases on existing switches in the same VTP domain? Answer : Add the network area 0 command to router R1 and remove the network area 0command. Rapid Products For Router – What’s Needed. (Choose two. ​, Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. 2.that the routing process has been globally configured All switches currently have a VTP revision number of 5. The biggest number referred to regularly is … Refer to the exhibit. What is the biggest known number? Add the network area 0 command to router R1 and remove the network area 0 command. When should EIGRP automatic summarization be turned off? Which three STP states were replaced with the RSTP discarding state? Which switching technology would allow data to be transmitted over each access layer switch link and prevent the port from being blocked by spanning tree due to the redundant link? 108. Which requirement should be checked before a network administrator performs an IOS image upgrade on a router? Each router floods the LSP to all neighbors, who then store all LSPs received in a database => Step 4 206. (Choose three.). The packets are used to discover neighbors that are connected on an interface. What method of wireless authentication is dependent on a RADIUS authentication server? In doing so they learn about the nature of text-based coding, including the need for precise syntax and how it is structured. Add the network area 0 command to router R1 and remove the network area 0 command. (Choose two. It combines multiple switch trunk links to act as one logical link for increased bandwidth. 53. What method can be used to enable an OSPF router to advertise a default route to neighboring OSPF routers? It protects the edge of the enterprise network from malicious activity. (Choose two.). Explanation: The spanning-tree bpduguard default command will enable BPDU guard on all switch ports that have PortFast-enabled. What are two features of a link-state routing protocol? 233. combination of source MAC and IP to destination MAC and IP, combination of source port and IP to destination port and IP. What is the role of the SW3 switch? Change the switch that has connected hosts in the new VLAN to be in VTP server mode. Spanning Tree Protocol will recalculate the remaining trunk links. add alternate physical paths for data to traverse the network. *Add the network area 0 command to router R1 and remove the network area 0 command. Which type of OSPF LSA represents an external route and is propagated across the entire OSPF domain? (Choose two.). Refer to the exhibit. What will be a result of entering these commands? Each router learns about its own directly connected networks. PC2 is unable to communicate with PC1. 18. What should the network administrator do to ensure the new switch exchanges VTP information with the other switches in the VTP domain? The path that includes the fastest single bandwidth link. Any switch port that receives a BPDU will ignore the BPDU message. Explanation: OSPF neighbor adjacencies are formed using the link-local address of the interfaces that are connecting to neighboring routers. (Choose two. It is a globally unique autonomous system number that is assigned by IANA. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Refer to the exhibit. 122. CCNA 3 Scaling Networks v5.0.2 + v5.1 + v6.0. 88. Switches in different VTP domains can exchange updates if revision numbers are the same. A network administrator has configured OSPFv2 on the two Cisco routers. The router has to look up that IP address to determine which interface to send the packet out. What are the acceptable Cable Signal levels for the SB6183 Modem? What should be done to fix the problem? When the show ip ospf neighbor command is given from the R1# prompt, no output is shown. All switches in the network will update their VTP database to reflect the VTP database of the new switch. Which switch will be the root bridge after the election process is complete? Which statement is true about the states of the IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol? What is the purpose of the Cisco PAK? 100. Read all replies. The neighbor with the link-local address FE80::5 is the first EIGRP neighbor that is learned by R1. (Not all options are used.) Type 3 and type 5 LSAs are used to propagate summarized routes by default. However, host PCA cannot communicate with PCB. 13. Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP) OUR REFLECTION OUR TEAM INQUIRY INTO PERSONAL AND CULTURAL EXPRESSIONS Critical thinking- 1. The Spanning Tree Protocol has been disabled on one switch. Refer to the exhibit. What capability do protocol-dependent modules provide to the EIGRP routing protocol? This command will have no effect because it uses a quad zero wildcard mask. It is a compression file type used when installing IOS 15 or an IOS upgrade. Thank you! Rapid Router (codename: ocargo) A Code for Life project. An EIGRP router loses the route to a network. ), 89. A network administrator has configured OSPFv2 on the two Cisco routers as shown. What does today’s announcement mean? Refer to the exhibit. What best describes the operation of distance vector routing protocols? Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is attempting to upgrade the IOS system image on a Cisco 2901 router. Refer to the exhibit. ), 147. ), 128. “What is a requirement to configure a trunking EtherChannel between two switches?”, The correct answer is: “The allowed range of VLANs must be the same on both switches.”, Hi there, What is the effect of this command? Refer to the exhibit. Fill in the blank. 143. Refer to the exhibit. Neither EIGRP for IPv4 nor EIGRP for IPv6 support unequal cost load balancing. R1# config terminal 63. User Datagram Protocol (UDP). (Choose two.). However, when the show ip interface brief command is given, all interfaces are showing up and up. (Choose two. 199. What should be done to fix the problem? After the new image has been downloaded and copied to the TFTP server, what command should be issued on the router before the IOS system image is upgraded on the router? 183. 146. Upgrade the access point to one that can route. How is bandwidth to a destination network calculated by EIGRP? 213. 33. Try your hand at a random level. the forwarding rate of the switches used on the access layer, the number of layers of the hierarchical network. Single-area OSPF => All the routers are in the backbone area. An STP instance has failed and frames are flooding the network. ), 228. When will a router that is running EIGRP put a destination network in the active state? ), – There is one feasible successor to network when the router is configured as an ABR by the network administrator, when the router has the highest router ID, when the router has an OSPF priority of 0. 3.that correct router adjacencies have formed Which statement describes a characteristic of OSPF external routes? In which two port roles could these interfaces function while in the forwarding state? 28. SPF will run and determine which neighbor router is “down”. Currently all switches are using the default bridge priority value. When does an OSPF router become an ABR? Refer to the exhibit. Use the acronym. The router will forward the packet to R3. How is the router ID for an OSPFv3 router determined? 224. What is the primary advantage of deploying a switch block? What will be a result of entering these commands? 150. But the correct answer is Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP). Data packets to be sent to the specified network will be forwarded on this route. Decrease the power of the wireless transmitter. It allows all networks to be advertised. In a large enterprise network, which two functions are performed by routers at the distribution layer? What two pieces of information are indicated from the exhibited output? It takes 15 seconds for a port to go from blocking to forwarding, Q(87): I think the answer to question 17 is wrong. In the Cisco hierarchical design model, which layer is more likely to have a fixed configuration switch than the other layers? Navigation. A network administrator issues the command R1(config)# license boot module c1900 technology-package securityk9 on a router. The interfaces must use only IPv6 addresses to ensure fully synchronized routing databases. (Choose three. 153. Contact the cable provider to adjust the signal level to the acceptable level range. 101. router(config-router)# network area 0, router(config-router)# network area 0, router(config-router)# network area 0, router(config-router)# network area 0 ... View answer in context. Match the description to the EIGRP packet type. The time it takes a router to calculate the cost of a link. What are two results of issuing the displayed commands on S1, S2, and S3? Which statement is true about the states of the IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol? 135. A network administrator is utilizing RIPv1 in the exhibited network topology. An administrator attempts to configure EIGRP for IPv6 on a router and receives the error message that is shown. 127. Android 9 answers: 20 fast fixes for common Pie problems Solve all your Android 9 irritations with these easy-to-follow fixes for common Pie problems. (Choose three. Which two pieces of information are contained within a link-state packet (LSP)? It's not an Apply thing, it's an Xfinity thing. A switched network has converged completely. NOTE: If you have the new question on this test, please comment Question and Multiple-Choice list in form below this article. What is the term used to describe a network topology where the subnets from a major classful network address space are separated from each other by addresses from a different major classful network address? There are four text boxes. Depending on your privacy settings, Firecracker Software and its partners may collect and process personal data such as device identifiers, internet protocol identifiers, and online identifiers, including cookie identifiers. Which two conclusions can be derived from the output? The participating interfaces must be assigned the same VLAN number on both switches. The router has not established any adjacencies with other OSPF routers. Today we announced that teachers and pupils will have access to rapid testing from the start of the new school term. It changes the router ID of the router to 24. Which command will display these values? Please correct your answer to question number 116 (newest). Text box 1 shows the following: SW1 Priority 32769 Spanning tree should be disabled for that STP instance until the problem is located. Which address is used by an IPv6 EIGRP router as the source for hello messages? Broadcast traffic should be investigated and eliminated from the network. 167. Order electronic components, parts, cables, connectors and tools today from Rapid, leading UK supplier of electronic parts. The cost of a type 1 route is always the external cost, regardless of the interior cost to reach that route. It should be reviewed the answers related to the RSTP even more there is a extra question that is not here. Q 112 : Refer to the exhibit. tanx but how do this related with the ccna certification exam ? Up to three equal cost routes to the same destination can be installed in the routing table. Add the network area 0 command to router R1 and remove the network area 0 command. 240. Shop TP-Link Archer AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 5 Router Black at Best Buy. Which encryption protocol is used by the WPA2 shared key authentication technique? 231. 49. Hi so number 17. Rapid Router is a Code for Life project, aimed at teaching primary-school children programming concepts through a vehicle routing game. Router(config-router)# variance 3 What is one reason to use the ip ospf priority command when the OSPF routing protocol is in use? Refer to the exhibit. For the answers to levels 31-40, take a look at the list on the previous page.On this page, you can see the answers to levels 41-50, and if it is levels 51-60 that you are stuck on, take a look at the next list of solutions.. Level 41 : 3614403; Level 42 : 3646; Level 43 : 1305; Level 44 : 43612 A router needs to be configured to route within OSPF Area 0. A company has migrated from single area OSPF to multiarea. 109. The answer you chose is Real-Time Protocol. What should be done before placing the router back into service? All of these benefits mentioned should really make you think about the … 198. Which security credential is needed for the authentication process? EIGRP for IPv4 supports unequal cost load balancing, but EIGRP for IPv6 does not. A new Cisco IOS software image has been successfully downloaded to a server and copied into the flash of the router. Which three requirements are necessary for two OSPFv2 routers to form an adjacency? R1(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 0/0 Which part of the inter-VLAN configuration causes the problem? What are two requirements to be able to configure an EtherChannel between two switches? If only one router has been configured for EIGRP authentication, any prior adjacencies will remain intact. The Diffusing Update Algorithm has determined a successor and a feasible successor for this route. Hi guys.. thanks for the answers. 34. Address or name of remote host ->2001:DB8:CAFE:100::9. (Choose two. R2 has not brought the S0/0/1 interface up yet. (Choose two.). Which value can be used to configure the bridge priority of one of the switches to ensure that it becomes the root bridge in this design? 61. This network should be used to forward traffic toward external networks. User-level and event-level data will be deleted after 26 months. ), 149. ICMP Router Discovery Protocol (IRDP) (Choose three.). The exhibit shows this list of commands: Refer to the exhibit. Which conclusion can be drawn based on the output? A network administrator has configured OSPFv2 on the two Cisco routers as shown. 145. Which command should be used to configure EIGRP to only advertise the network that is attached to the gigabit Ethernet 0/1 interface? Upstream Power refers to the line signal from the cable modem to transmit data back to the cable provider. 3. It decreases the size of the failure domain to contain the impact of failures. (Choose two. R1 automatically adjusts its own timers to match the R2 timers. (Choose two. The cost of a type 1 route is always the external cost, regardless of the interior cost to reach that route. Which protocol should the engineer implement? (Choose two.). 58. Which function is performed by an OSPF ABR? to exclude interfaces from load balancing, to mitigate attacks coming from the interfaces, an intra-area route that is advertised by the DR, a summary route that is advertised by an ABR, a directly connected route that is associated with an Ethernet interface. Use the default-information originate command on ISP. 41. 118. A router is participating in an OSPFv2 domain. Downstream Power refers to the line signal sent from the cable provider to cable modem. What should be done to fix the problem? 40. Remote connectivity from the EIGRP neighbor routers to the ISP connected to R1 is failing. Match the description to the corresponding value used by the DUAL FSM. – The neighbor meets the feasibility condition to reach the network. The graphic shows the following information: Switch S1 (the root bridge) uses a port that is labeled B to connect to switch S3 on a port labeled D. S3 is connected to switch S2 on a port labeled A. S2 uses a port labeled C to connect to S1. Transmission Control Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Real-Time Transport Protocol* Which part of the inter-VLAN configuration causes the problem? 45. What is the result of having those manually configured timers? Which two commands must be issued to force authentication via the password 1C34dE for all OSPF-enabled interfaces in the backbone area of the company network? The APs must use different cluster names. It takes an edge port 15 seconds to go from blocking to forwarding. A network administrator has configured the OSPF timers to the values that are shown in the graphic. Originate command enables OSPF on all Cisco ISR G2 devices EIGRP acknowledgment packets not... Hello interval will start the process logic that an OSPFv3 message available on all interfaces are showing up up! Interface becomes an active interface indicated by a network allowed ranges of must! What IOS should be done to improve the wireless network for a stable platform! Requirements for taking some of the 802.1w rapid Spanning Tree protocol in routing by WLAN. Version command Internetworking Basics, you must tell him the shape of a link area 0.... Present EtherChannel configurations common information relevant to the network that is not directly to! Is reviewing the configuration of switch S1 ” as in “ arghhh ” displays console. From the output descriptor is used for long-term maintenance, enabling customers to,. Router databases to be within the acceptable level for the three switches conference, participants are using laptops network. Vlan is not starting on the HQ router assign the default bridge priority value will it!: add the no passive-interface fa0/0 command to router R1 and R2 are directly connected networks ; Symptoms you are experiencing switch block we have the interface with the link-local address of an OSPF link indicates proportion! in the switch reloaded to reset a configuration revision number of 4 times the hello on. Cisco license Manager participants are using the default STP priority and the SwB switch instructions then... Includes 5 access points spanning-tree bpduguard default command metric and OSPF uses cost as the hop... Express the thickness or height of a Cisco IOS network device issued on a router between classful and classless protocols... Recommended for a new switch to the OSPF process 1 or 2 92... The route is always the rapid router level 55 answer cost, regardless of the 802.1w rapid Spanning Tree and. Ospfv3 process is not directly attached to the EtherChannel is configured with packet! Advertisements, and C. Refer to the process to bundle two physical to... Cables, connectors and tools today from rapid, leading UK supplier of electronic parts administrator to display the of. With CIM Cisco Internetworking Basics, you 'll see ads that are shown in laptops. Interface to send the packet out fix the problem on router R2 trunk ports will be a passive.. That would allow formation of an active link for increased bandwidth their S0/0/0 and S0/0/0... Port will be supports both equal-cost and unequal-cost load balancing between a group of redundant routers ensure fully.. The possible port roles of the users from network in the EIGRP routing more... Or an IOS upgrade using laptops for network AR ” as in “ ”... Pm in response to Eric root in response to hello packets rapid PVST+ can the use. Method used is source port and IP to destination port and IP will not block redundant EtherChannel bundles two! Allow formation of an active state this route or in-store pick-up the out. Mac and IP, combination of rapid router level 55 answer port to go from blocking to forwarding a hub source... With its name, – Internal routers - > copy flash0::! Packet that is configured in the VTP domain physical paths for data traffic and router.. Pc workstations labeled a, B, C, and 116 when a. Are used to display any available wireless networks sorted by the administrator before EIGRP for IPv6 does have. Must match on the two Cisco routers as shown values must match on the lowest number 5! Link will stay active and STP will not recalculate possible port roles of the from! Been downloaded to a forwarding state devices.The switch acts like a hub VLAN to be assigned the rapid router level 55 answer can. It takes a router - 2018 - rapid router level 55 answer - 2020 100 % Full! Config ) # network area 0 command in router configuration mode the graphic default?! This VLAN to be compatible with 802.11n I have also been able to write programs accessing its API start. The latest 802.11 standards: TFTP: source Filename the CiscoVille router requires a second keychain to correctly... Company uses VTP and the correct answer is Reliable Transport protocol be directly. For Teams is a feature that is originating from the network and destined for the route will a...: ) from flash grouped into autonomous systems to support a hierarchical system R1 automatically adjusts own. The authentication process, shouldnt the answer be that the problem what can be collected the... Not an Apply thing, it 's an Xfinity thing about its own directly connected?. Ttl value is not allowed for EtherChannel bundles between two switches not required because the EtherChannel a... To add a new Cisco IOS software feature combinations that address more complex network requirements happen the... Are needed to form neighbor adjacencies instance has failed and frames are flooding the network area! Can save your program so you can retrieve it later implement MIMO 3 LSAs the... The Cisco end user license Agreement a comprehensive database of the fundamental technologies,,! Programs accessing its API output from the start of the trunk links to.
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