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What is Monarch? Spartan political system was a combination of monarchy (kings), oligarchy (Gerousia) and democracy (ephoroi, ephors). what form of government did Athens have. Sparta. Women in this city state could choose their own husbands? Which branch of the Spartan government was … Asked by Wiki User. In Sparta, they were from neighboring communities but they were not slaves. In Greece large areas of land are broken up by. used coins, allowed everyone access to the Agora, had ports. Spartan boys and girls taught to fight at age six or seven. Part of the answer is geography.Athens is located in central Greece, which is only four miles from the Aegean Sea, while Sparta is far more isolated. Requirements to be on the Council in Athens? How is a tranny different from a monarchy? Asked by Wiki User. What is Monarchy? What caused the city-states to be so different? 4. They had to protect the city-state. Print Spartan Government in Ancient Greece Worksheet 1. Athens Treatment of Women. there were not enough books. A … Oligarchy. b. Athenian boys studied combat; Spartan boys played sports. What form of government was practiced in sparta? 3. The people of Crete. Stay home, manage the house, educate young male children, teach household tasks to female children. 44 terms. 2. TCI: Athens and Sparta Chapter 27. The Council in Sparta. What might you see in the agora in Athens? 60. council of elders. Women in this city state wore drab clothing and no jewelry? When did the civilization known as classical Greece begin . Until what age did males stay in the army in Sparta? Learn Sparta with free interactive flashcards. recent questions recent answers. mountains and water. who had very little rights in Athens? PLAY. Had all the power. Which form of government sometimes had a ruler who claimes divine right? oligarchy . a. Athenian boys went to school; Spartan boys served in the military. 30. Did girls learn to read and write in Sparta? why is Sparta said to have been an oligarchy. What were the 2 parts of government in Athens? Helots and the ruling class spent its time by training to fight. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. sparta had a huge population of what? Second a tyrant's son does not usually inherit his father's power, Athens had an assembly, and different people voted. Did girls learn to read and write in Athens? Start studying chapter 3 ancient greece. 30+ years old, citizens only--no women or slaves or foreigners, male, 18+ years old, born in Athens, no female or slaves, In Sparta, they made people from neighboring communities into slaves. What type of government did Sparta have? 500 men which ran the government and suggested new laws. Athens. the counsel of elders. An Oligarchy. C? Free men. Rigid. They discouraged trade because they worried it would lead to new people and ideas that would threaten the oligarchy. 3. busy market with lots of trade. Women. How did Spartan society work? 6 terms. a stringed instrument similar to a harp. Sparta was a city in Greece in which the form of the kingdom in the form of joint authority was preserved. What form of government was practiced in Sparta? enslaved Helots. Gerousia, Ecclesia, Ephors and Kings. Next Worksheet. Sparta was aristocratic monarchy with two Kings (they were always in war so one hаd to stay in the country while other is on the campaign), council of 28 men older then 60 years, choose from the Spartan aristocracy (gerusia) and national assembly called “apela” consisted of all of the male aristocrats older then 30 years. Start studying Sparta. Sparta had two kings, so they used the oligarchy government What king held off the invasion of Greece by Persia Did Sparta have enough land to feed people? Oligarchy - council of 5 Spartan Nobles who guarded against change and outside influences . A small group held the most power. a city that is also it's own seperete individual state. how did the ruling class spend its time . d. Athenian boys became citizens at 30; Spartan boys became citizens at 18. Chapter 27 Study Guide. According to the legend, from period of the king Lycurgus all existing Spartan laws were grounded. They had an oligarchical structure to some extent, and each Spartiate was in effect part of the oligarchy. Women in this city state wore jewelry and fancy clothes? Top Answer. Oligarchy. Sparta and Athens. Athenian boys learned reading, writing, math, poetry, sports and music. Sparta. islands and peninsolas. It can be considered a monarchy, but the main part it is considered is a totalitarian. True or False: Members of the Assesbly of 500 were chosen by a lottery system. why did Athenian schoolboy have to memorize everything. The Council of 500 and the Assembly--of 6000 citizens. This government assembly was open only to Spartan soldiers who had completed the Agoge. 1. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. A form of government in which people vote for representatives--government officials--who vote on the issues. A parliamentary democracy . Women in this city state could not own property? Athens was a very normal city with a few quirks. women :(Who was the leader of delian league. Man, Free, Age 18, Native Born . 15 16 17. Which city-state was primarily a military state? Soldiers everywhere. A member of the most powerful class in a country or society. What was the main goal of the Peloponnesain League? Search. c. Athenian boys lived in barracks; Spartan boys lived at home. They taught kids to fight. A diarchy. Sparta is a little different from U.S.A in that they were sometimes harsher than expected, but then not. math, reading, writing, sports, lyre, singing. Name the four different bodies which made up the Spartan government. Why does sambuca turn green; which leadership style expands the team's capabilities, creates team identity; What is sans favorite color; After a number of failed attempts to reach an out-of-court settlement, the actress p Write a response. At what age did Athenians first train for the military? Which city-state depended on slaves and other noncitizens to provide for many of its needs? 0 1 2. Wiki User Answered . They did not have enough land to feed all its people, so Spartans took the land they needed from their neighbors. Sparta Government. First a tyrant can't claim that he has a legal right to rule. Had 2 Kings which inherited the position and 28 men elected to the assembly. Usually a wealthy person. Sparta. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying Chapter 3 the ancient greeks - lesson 2 Sparta & Athens lesson 3 Greece and Persia. 2016-02-08 13:41:05 2016-02-08 13:41:05. What kind of government did Sparta have?
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