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Don’t be afraid to test out new tweet ideas and then monitor your Twitter analytics to see if your strategy is helping or hurting growth. There’s a great list here compiled of the ‘top 50 jokes’. I also make a lot of use of lists in Twitter; it just makes it easier to track what people I really want to talk to are saying. Put your Twitter handle on business cards, link to it in user profiles, in signatures if you use forums, in a byline when you write a guest post. Yes, the #Hashtag! Funny one-liners. Whenever someone mentions your business or employees, respond to the tweet and take the extra step to retweet it. Here’s a batch of gems we mined from Twitter to help you kick off the weekend on the right foot, in 140 characters or fewer each. I've used 12 of the 13 methods you listed. There should be a healthy mix of content that is relevant to your audience – and sometimes that means tweeting things that have nothing to do with your company itself. Getting in the popular loops of the Twitterverse is as easy as adding a hashtag. Also, do you use any tools to track you twitter conversion/ interaction? Your best bet is to Tweet amazing content you've created yourself. It's much nicer than that funky Twit Pic thing that they used to have.But there is a catch: you have to install the line of code into your website in order for the Twitter Card to actually work on Twitter! Lots of people seem to think that their accounts are only worthy if they are following far less people than follow them.

It's hard. Whenever your business earns press coverage, an award or recognition of any kind, make sure to tweet it out. Yes Amy! Since its inception in 2006, the microblogging platform has grown exponentially and has more than 200 million active, some even addicted, users. Automate Your Tweet Schedule. They might not be shining examples of dealing with customer complaints, but these funny company tweets are however perfect reminders that even big businesses have humans at the heart of them. Quick and funny tweets are always winners on Twitter.

The reason Twitter's there is for people's wit to come through. Tweet ideas @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Business. Just make sure you include an enticing description of your picture – remember that people won’t be able to see the image while they browse Twitter, so you need to give them a very good reason to click on your link. Holidays are excellent fodder for Twitter content. Otherwise, they would just be pointless. That's why when I see Tweets like, "omg im so ill today #cold" I get so annoyed. He Irene, Thanks for the comment :-) I don't have any big secrets on increasing your audience. Once you’ve chosen your hashtag, get it seen by subtly dropping it into Tweets at suitable moments. "
I don't think they have a strategy.

The promoter:
This type of twitter user uses twitter solely for trying to lure people to their website by posting links to their blogposts.

Quick access to whitepapers, reports, guides, webinars, and case studies. Thanks Enamul :-) Yes I agree that that's another great use for Hashtags. I haven't, but maybe I'm not using these sites properly. If you’re ready to up your investment in Twitter, but don’t know where to start or what to tweet, we’re here to help. Those tweets hit a nerve, and you should talk more about those topics. Without giving any thought to substance. Don’t believe that people like being inspired? Conclusion:While the active tweeter might seem like the best strategy here. Whenever your business earns press coverage, an award or recognition of any kind, make sure to tweet it out. I usually use hashtags to find like minded people to strike a conversation and connect. Personal tweets are about your business, while promotional tweets are about your products or services. Put your Twitter handle on business cards, link to it in user profiles, in signatures if you use forums, in a byline when you write a guest post.

. Let’s face it: sometimes, it can be a challenge to keep your Twitter account exciting and fun. The dreadful band Nikelback (fed up of being ridiculed) started hunting down their naysayers and having a go at them. It can be as simple as a kind tweet with a relevant picture, or as elaborate as a three-minute video of your office singing a Christmas carol.

Thanks Enamul :-) Yes I agree that that's another great use for Hashtags. Random rss blog posts, random quotes, opinions, retweets. Thankfully, if you think before you Tweet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Tweet Company Announcements: Thanks for the kind comments James, and for the tip :-) I've seen Tweets appearing like this but never knew how they worked - I'll be looking into them. 4. However, if you can’t think of anything new, sharing an old classic can work too. "I don't think they have a strategy. Do we let him continue with that account and open another Tiwtter account that is more "whole company" oriented?
What's your take on multiple Twitter accounts for one company?

. By being an active part of the Twitter community and sharing the right mix of content, you can reach a larger audience, generate more leads and become the go-to source when customers are ready to buy. Software like Studies and Rafflecopter make it simple to run a contest. Nice. Thanks for sharing, loved the ideas.


Thanks for commenting :-)Surely, for most business tweeters, the ideal is a balance of most these things. Much like this article describes. And comment on it. A lot of bots spit them out at regular intervals and many of those types of accounts are quite spammy. First off great post. is a great way to find trending hashtags based on geographical location. For example, a shoe company could post a video of a charity giving out shoes to poor in third world countries – while it has nothing to do with their actual business, it’s still on brand. Please keep your comments TAGFEE by following the community etiquette.

Mass tweeter:
I have seen people tweeting 30+ times a day. Thanks Amy!

, Great one. Share the quote directly to Twitter with a link to the actual review page. The active tweeter:This type of twitter user does not only only promote his/her own content.
I imagine most people who employ this 'strategy' and have lots of followers, are buying their followers. Before you go too crazy with your Tweets, make sure to think about, and create yourself an identity. Never argue with the user, but thank them for sharing their experience and do everything to address their concerns (and move the conversation off Twitter to email or a phone call when it’s above and beyond the scope of 280 characters!). Read on for 21 things to tweet from a business or brand account. however this refers only to when you actually gained a real and active crowd of followers.I truly wish someone would unleash all the secrets of CREATING such a crowd first. It's also a great way to get a read on your brand's public reputation. Create Twitter Lists to keep tabs on specific accounts, industries, and communities. I would advise against it, it'll double your work and divide your authority. Twitter offers a unique platform for reaching a broad and welcoming audience― it’s a completely open forum for broadcasting your original ideas… I think it depends on the content of the Tweet as much as the type.Probably your safest bets for interaction are when you request interaction from your audience - so asking them a question, or for their opinion.But, if you Tweet something else that's just so good people want to Retweet it/interact with it, then you'll probably get more interaction that way. At first, tweeting may seem an unnatural way to share your thoughts and ideas, but there are practical applications for a business using Twitter. If you can structure your question in a way that looks as if you genuinely need help, rather than like you’re just asking a question for the sake of it, then even better.

Taco Bell did some great ones when they started being silly with customers. Here are some ideas of funny things to tweet when you’re out of ideas. There’s almost always going to be a Tweet just around the corner that’s more interesting/funny/engaging than yours. Take advantage of trending hashtags when appropriate. This kind of request is something you could work into your Twitter calendar once a week. Twitter connects you and your business with what's happening in the world every day.

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