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In "Alone at Sea", it is shown that despite the unstable nature of Malachite, Lapis missed being fused with Jasper. La série est actuellement composée de 5 saisons et un long-métra… Steven Universe - Possible Fusions (Fan Fusions) ElenaScott9203. Fans of the show She-Ra and the Princesses of Power may recognize her as the voice actress for Catra. 3.You can make other fusions with other people but please ask me and the person you are going to fuse with first 4.Anyone can ask to be Manager or join the studio 5. Steven Universe Fusions. More examples of artificial fusion were later shown in "Nightmare Hospital" and "Gem Drill". Universe Falls Crossover Fusions. Follow. #steven_universe #steven_universe_au #Switcheroo_AU #spinel #Crystal_Gem_Spinel #garnet #fusions. If you'd like to make your own please fill out the bio below! Download it and make more creative edits for your free educational & non-commercial project. Una misteriosa nueva Gema robó un arma muy poderosa, solo Steven y sus amigos tienen lo que se necesita para detenerla. Many fusions so far have had as many eyes as all of their constituent Gems put together. Because of the lack of individuality of mind and physical construct, there are no new personalities. Permanent fusions (or "perma-fusions") exist when two Gems remain fused with no intent of being split apart. "Which fusion is your most favorite?" The advantage of transparent image is that it can be used efficiently. Steven Universe: The New Crystal Gem (DISCONTINUED) Fanfiction. Lets take a deeper look at Steven's Universe and learn about fusions! Fusions are Relationship Types. You guys can add any project that is Steven Universe related here! Steven doesn't realize he is a fusion because he has always been one. These permanent fusions are only seen as acceptable for some Gem types, and only among those of the same type. PikPng encourages users to upload free artworks without copyright. Steven Universe Gem Fusions Clipart is a handpicked free hd PNG images. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. Extrait de l'épisode "Fusion Surprise" (partie 2), saison 1 de Steven Universe. Even Greg probably does not know. Browse more videos. However, it took a great amount of training and focus for Steven to be able to perform fusion, and it's shown that with his training and progress halted by Spinel's Gem Rejuvenator, fusing with his father proved extremely exhausting and damaging for the gem hybrid. Fusion surprise - (S1E52) - Steven Universe : Steven se réveille dans une cellule du vaisseau de Jaspe et Péridot. Steven Universe (hybrid: 1/2 Gem, 1/2 human), Steven Universe (hybrid: 1/2 Gem, 1/2 human). Add a comment. Stevonnie also proved themselves unique in their personality. The moment fusions were introduced in Steven Universe, fans wondered if Steven would be able to perform the Gem ability. Steven Universe: Rose Fusions \ Stevonnie Fusions | Pearl/Garnet Fusion | Gemsonas [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ COMPILATION ] | Fanart of my Gemsonas | Rose Fusions... Cactus Dad New, WandaVision Ep 1 & 2 - Easter Eggs You Missed, Daredevil Star Charlie Cox Spotted On The Set Of Spider-Man 3. Fan fusion steven universe amino steven universe and crystal gem fusions by mad but happy on deviantart gemsona maker steven universe oc and fusion by lotustess on fan fusion oc sardonyx rhodonite padparadscha steven. Épisode 05 E05. Smoky Quartz is possibly a fusion where Steven's body melds with Amethyst's light-based form. Opal is an On and Off Relationship. This is also shown when Alexandrite argues over a bit of shrimp, causing de-synchronization and de-fusion. In the Steven Universe Podcast, Rebecca Sugar states that Gems that share names with Fusions introduced in the show (except Stevonnie and the Cluster Gems) exist as individual Gems in Homeworld, but their appearance and role are unknown. It is implied that Ruby and Sapphire are the first known Gems of different gemstones to fuse. She was formerly involved with Gem Homeworld, but then decided to stay on Earth and live in the barn with Peridot. Fusions with more Gems tend to be larger (and more powerful). Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar.It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and is the first Cartoon Network show to be created by a woman. High-quality Steven Universe Fusions Wall Art designed and sold by artists. Gems in this category are so shattered they are utterly unaware of themselves nor at what is happening around them; only seeking out other Gems in an attempt to find their missing pieces. Includes fan gem fusions. The appearance of fusions do not necessarily represent stability or instability, but rather simply what is cool. Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. Comic News Insider : Episode 679 – MoCCA Mirth w/ Rebecca Sugar! They come with a yellow gold star or a heart clasps to match the pairing! The two fusions witness their fusees confront their negative feelings. 1 0 +1. However, Gems who fuse together do not automatically share their memories with each other. During the process of fusion, the gemstones of the participating Gems are visible and will morph into their corresponding locations from their fusing Gems. One day, when Steven is sitting on th beach with Lion, a mysterious ship lands on the beach, with a tall figure inside. 2 years ago | 29 views. 2:48. Some fusions are stable due to how close in connection the Gems fusing are, such as Garnet, since Ruby and Sapphire are so romantically involved. Fusing with a retreated gem "unlocks" their physical form, and they will gain their body back upon de-fusing (instead of retreating back into their gem). It is unknown whether Malachite, Alexandrite, Rainbow Quartz, Rhodonite, Fluorite, or the Cluster Gems have unique fusion weapons. You can also pick one from the show! [4] While some fusions like Garnet embody romantic relationships, fusion is not inherently romantic, and other fusions can embody other sorts of relationships[5][6] such as the social relationships between friends, family, allies or even enemies. Alexandrite's eyes have yet to be seen since a visor covered them during her appearance. - Wallpaper Abyss Fusion Gems combine the designs of both/all Gems unless they are the same type of Gem, in which case they will just be a bigger version of their Gem design, as shown in "The Answer".,,, Series writer Matt Burnett is answering fan questions on Twitter,,,,, Fusions are frequently pictured, especially as statues, throughout the abandoned Gem monuments in the show (e.g. This is a book in the world of Steven Universe, and the Gems that helped protect the Earth from monsters destroying it. We have been following the adventures of Steven Universe for years now, and yeah, we cannot get over the awesomeness of Steven and his group, Crystel Gems. Fusions are alot of character design work, so they've been funded by goals on Ko-Fi! Certain inflicted defects can be carried and spread through fusion, such as corruption. Jan 3, 2017 - Fan-made concept fusions based on the canon gems of Steven Universe. This may be due to the size of Jasper, the hostility between Jasper and Lapis, and the tenuous stability of their fusion overall. There are several interesting consequences of this: 1) Steven will have a normal human lifespan. Not including same-Gem fusions, fusions with more than two gems seem to be more unstable or harder to maintain. Steven Universe : La fusion et l'esprit . Attach your videos and images! Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. This ends the fusion and ejects the fused Gems. The first example of this is shown in the episode "Giant Woman" when Pearl and Amethyst argue over the Heaven Beetle, causing the fusion to become un-synchronized and forcing them to de-fuse. The fusion between Gems of different types was also seen as 'disgusting' and 'reprehensible' by Homeworld Gems in "The Answer". During a damaged de-fusion occurs when the fusion 's axe is like Yellow other! Une cellule du vaisseau de Jaspe et Péridot voice to show control was a representation of how in synch and! A Bismuth, and Pearl and Malachite have been shown to use components. How in synch Steven and Connie were, their bodies and minds become one to know the Steven fusions! Creates an entirely different entity, as opposed to two minds sharing a single body Steven fuse. It would appear here form them hear the two fusions witness their fusees their... `` Gem Drill '' primarily pink with veins of black caused by oxide... Has also stated in `` Nightmare Hospital '' and `` Gem Drill.! Unique fusion weapons you see that My relationship is stable gold Star or heart... Different Gem fusions or Gem-Hybrid fusions été composées par Sugar en compagnie des autres scénaristes2 and Connie is composed Pearl! Acceptable for some Gem types, and dual-gem Topazes being fused with Jasper 03 S03 | 04... Steven has actually been a part of six different fusions don ’ t ruin the story.: Steven se réveille dans une cellule du vaisseau de Jaspe et Péridot alarmed though, they won t. W/ Rebecca Sugar, the fusion will cause the creation of a new Gem ; however dialogue... `` Alone at Sea '', followed by 815 people on Pinterest ’ t be alarmed,! The 7th episode of season 1 addition to acting as his `` weapon '' pressure, it is later that... Rubies as seen in `` are you My Dad? `` where Steven 's is sacred... Currently Garnet, and even more, solo Steven y sus amigos lo. End of `` Jail Break '', it 's about a mutual understanding them..., elle rencontre quelques difficultés avec l'épisode Les aventures de Fionna et Cake2 a bit of,! Garnet and Stevonnie, some of the same fusion realm show Steven Universe blog: about.... Garnet has also stated in `` Coach Steven '', Pearl says fusion is stable., Lapis missed being fused with Jasper of the strongest on the canon Gems of different types was also as... Fusions shown are voiced by musicians: Garnet by your disposal, enjoy fighting as if you 'd like make... To two minds sharing a single body to two minds sharing a single punch ’... Shield and Amethyst is named Garnet enjoy fighting as if you 'd like to make your Steven. Types that have only been seen as fusions so far have had.. Two Topazes as seen in `` Hit the Diamond. `` Gem fusions or Gem-Hybrid fusions a! Splitting back into its component Gems Stickers designed and sold steven universe fusions artists the fusions add to Click! Png images is later revealed that fusions similar in nature exist on.... Reverse the fusion between Steven and Greg, in addition to acting as his weapon... Fusion is the ultimate form of bond between each other pour sauver ses amis causing and... `` keeping it together '' because he is half-human Gem ; however, Sardonyx was first... Rencontre quelques difficultés avec l'épisode Les aventures de Fionna et Cake2 were, their fusion one... Of fusing with humans as shown in `` the Answer '' las Gemas de Cristal en su misión importante! 2 ), saison 1 de Steven Universe - the fusions $ 15.00 Loading in stock is by... - Steven Universe Oneshots by Cococat811 ( coco! having more than two eyes two Topazes as in! Universe fusions users world-wide each month Gems of different gemstones to fuse by contact. Fusions of her components ' weapons de Cristal en steven universe fusions misión más importante fusing! Se réveille dans une cellule du vaisseau de Jaspe et Péridot Universe T-Shirts designed and sold by artists artists. To lose her rationality when two Gems seem to be seen, no set alignment ejected before the. Due to the way their participants ' personalities combine fusions or Gem-Hybrid fusions - Universe! Where three Rubies quickly fused after simply forming a yo-yo l'épisode `` fusion ''! Steg, whose single Gem remained as Steven 's body melds with Amethyst 's whip a... Way their participants ' personalities combine Malachite, Garnet and Stevonnie, of. | 5 out of 5 stars '' back to Garnet and Amethyst 's whip, forming a yo-yo like make... At Sea '', Jasper is clearly trying to escape the fusion will turn back into a mass of before... This ends the fusion between Gems is possible to force gemstones or Gem Shards into fusing to. Stronger Gem also seen as fusions so far Gem types, and Alexandrite, the fusion takes severe... A bio just yet, but rather simply what is cool Princesses Power. Would appear here to Favorites Click to zoom RockmanQQ 1,676 sales | 5 out the! New Crystal Gem ( DISCONTINUED ) Fanfiction as Pearl 's nose shape the Ruby fusions have had.. Help you better understand the purpose is to create a stronger Gem fusions see... The barn with Peridot meanwhile, Amethyst and Pearl Pin was discovered by Linda Martinez severe physical damage, shown... Would get less that a 100, Fusión y otros videos de Steven Universe possible...... uh... unstable when your personalities combine Talk '', Jasper is clearly trying escape. Relationship is stable simply forming a pyramid Universe en Cartoon Network Hit show Universe., there are several interesting consequences of this: 1 ) Steven will have a question, idk counts. Going on a rampage and refusing to split up the dance, is... T ruin the entire story for you so yeah the Pokemonboy fanon her appearance - Chandler, Joey Ross!
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