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Review: "Bad shingles bad warranty" Shingles are 6 years old. These will appeal to budget-conscious homeowners, who want a nice looking, quality roof, but are not interested in designer frills. The Malarkey Know Your Roof™ blog is an educational resource for homeowners and roofing industry professionals. Malarkey shingles now include 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules, which harness sunlight to photocatalytically convert smog (NO, NO2) into water-soluble ions (NO3), actively reducing air pollution. Here is what homeowners have to say about Malarkey, after having them installed. Vista roof shingles utilize a blend of Flexor™ asphalt with post-consumer recycled polymers. Colors and specifications subject to change without notice. Malarkey and Owens Corning are leading providers of asphalt roofing shingles. On the second location every 20 mile an hour wind gust would blow off shingles. Brown shingles would work with beige siding, a mild contrast, or with white, a more distinct contrast. The table below shows roof colors that integrate best with siding colors. They treat there customers like crap make up poor lies as to why they won't do anything about the tar on the bottom not adhering to the roof. Very satisfied with the product.” Susan, “I have this shingle, its the best shingle and held up to golf ball size hail” Anonymous, “22 years strong. *Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and 3M. Now nearly none of the shingles are sealed. Since Malarkey shingles had been recommended to us and since the bid from the "certified" Malarkey shingle contractor, Pinnacle Construction from Casper, WY was close to the other bids, we chose Pinnacle Construction to re-roof our home. They might as well advertise their shingles for what they really are. This product includes the Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Shingle Protector from 3M for added security against algae staining. See more ideas about shingling, roofing, asphalt shingles. Malarkey’s shingles with Flexor SBS polymer modified asphalt technology received the UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance rating, which is the highest rating possible. Malarkey Roofing – Vista™ Laminated Architectural Shingles Vista™ is an architectural shingle line fortified with sustainable Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt technology for enhanced granule adhesion and extreme weather protection, including Class 3 impact resistance. Contractors point out that among all big roofing manufacturers, Malarkey offers the best warranty and is the most likely to stand behind their product. Catch up more with Smog-Reducing Granules and other Malarkey Roofing news. Your email address will not be published. Does it mention Hail Damage coverage? Malarkey Windsor® XL. On the other hand, because its more upscale, many roofers don’t bother offering it to homeowners who are looking for the most budget-friendly shingle. Once the granules start to fall off, which is a major issue for many other brands, the roof slowly looses its original looks. Not the cheapest, but for the money this seemed heavier than the Certainteed Landmarks that another contractor was pitching us. Please visit our contact form here for your inquiries.. All content is copyrighted & owned Malarkey Roofing Products® and their affiliated and related entities. Currently Malarkey shingles are most popular on the West Coast: California, Washington State, as well as states like Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming. Elegant Heavyweight Flexor™ SBS Polymer Modified Designer Shingles. In November of 2006 Malarkey #271 Highlander 30 year ARCH COMP shingles were installed by a reputable roofing company in Salem, OR. I expected more from a customer service perspective and product. Rev. Reply! In addition to added durability and flexibility, this material has superior granular adhesion. Malarkey Shingles Overview And Homeowner Reviews. Moreover, they are manufactured from superior strength and durability materials. This eliminates a multitude of installation errors that are so common on other roofs. The Taste may be abiding with one beneath adjudicator abutting season. While there are numerous beautiful products out there, many don’t look so great just a few years after being installed. Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code. Been fighting with Malarkey every year since. You can choose from high-quality, 3-tab, Architectural, and Designer shingles. On the other hand, there are enough attractive styles to choose from that most homeowners can find a shingle that fits their needs. – Windsor, Windsor XL. We got a new Malarkey roof after hurricane Andrew (1992). This brand is famous for their shingles’ enduring curb appeal. Fax:  (503) 289-7644, Forgot Username or Password? The shingles have been on for a few years now and I have not lost a single shingle yet. This is an incredibly long service life compared to other asphalt roofs. In this case, it is best to go with shingles that have the Scotchguard Protection, especially because of the long warranty. It means that your roof is more likely to be installed correctly, and will therefore not leak or shed shingles. However, most other shingle manufacturers charge over $2.00 per sq.ft. They don't stand behind there products. One of the downsides that roofers point to is limited style and color choices, when you compare Malarkey to giants like GAF and CertainTeed. "Ridge Cap - Malarkey Shingles" In the fall of 2016, I received three bids to re-roof our home. If you want a roof with exceptional curb appeal, you will love the variety of beautiful textures and colors from Malarkey Shingles. Malarkey Roofing Shingles & Products | Joe Hall Roofing. We installed Malarkey Legacy in 2010, 9 years ago, and were told the roof had a 50 year warranty. Once your results are displayed, click to view a larger image or see your selection on a home with our Design EyeQ� design visualization program. Instead of Scotchguard copper granules, some products contain special algae resistant granules. These shingles are thicker than architectural ones, offer stunning colors and textures that really look like cedar wood and slate.
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