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Japanese Seiyū "That's because you are. Because Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo, Kagome most likely has Kikyo's power to add to her own. When she is involved in battles, Kagome uses her knowledge to the fullest and analyzes the situation to the best of her ability, unlike Inuyasha who most of the time just recklessly jumps in and acts instinctively. Kagome began training under Kaede to take on the official role of a priestess and adapt to her new life in the past. meaning "Flounder!". Grandpa Higurashi (Grandfather)Grandma Higurashi (Grandmother, deceased)Mr. Higurashi (Father; deceased)Mama Higurashi (Mother)Sōta Higurashi (Younger brother)Inuyasha (Husband)Moroha (Daughter)Moe Higurashi (sister-in-law)Mei Higurashi (niece)Sesshōmaru (Half Brother-in-law)Rin (Half Sister-in-law)Tōga (Posthumous father-in-law; deceased)Izayoi (Posthumous mother-in-law; deceased)Towa (half-niece)Setsuna (half-niece) During the final battle against Naraku, it is seen that the Great Demon Lord protected her while she was unconscious from an earlier fight with Inuyasha (who was possessed by Magatsuhi), also, Sesshōmaru let her cling to his Mokomoko-sama while they were inside Naraku's body. But it was Shippō who called to Inuyasha to save Kagome who had been kidnapped by Manten who tried to kill her for making him lose his hair. We are building a home for nerds, geeks and anyone sitting at home with super powers that is likely to rule the world with the lot of us. While he was extremely strong, what made him truly great was his ability to always remain one step ahead of the rest. so that means maybe inuyasha and kagome love each other than inuyasha kikyo couple. She proves to be Kikyo's reincarnation, and discovers that she possesses strong spiritual powers resembling that of a miko. Despite struggling through the majority of the series due to this, Inuyasha never stopped training. It often caused fights to erupt between Inuyasha and Kōga, and Inuyasha and Kagome as well. Kagome and Shippō were kidnapped by Kōga through a trap. Though she is disgusted with Miroku's lechery, womanizing, and occasional perverted acts, and is always the first to yell and scold him whenever he commits any of his less respectable acts, Kagome respects Miroku's intelligence, spiritual power, knowledge, and bravery when dealing with the burden of his Wind Tunnel. Kagome is polite to Kōga, almost to the point of leading him on, and protects him (generally from the jealous, overly-confrontational Inuyasha) whenever he is hurt. Skin color Satsuki YukinoJunko Iwao (Shōnen Sunday CM) With around 200 episodes, Inuyasha is a host to a large number of them, each with their own unique personalities and power. Kagome has taken care of Kohaku several times throughout the series, despite the fact that he almost killed her on Naraku's orders. Kagome herself is very powerful. Also, hes a half-demon as well, so he so doesnt know what it feels like to love someone then someone else. She and Kikyo also share a far greater resemblance in the manga than they do the anim… Since Kagome is her reincarnation, Kikyo’s powers were either equal or greater than hers. [4], Later that night, Kagome was with Kaede in the old woman's house, when the village was attacked by Mistress Centipede, still searching for the jewel inside Kagome's body. Weapons By the start of Yashahime she is spiritually as strong as Kikyo, and possibly stronger given that she developed her own powers of arrow disappearance. Epic Dope is the new home of streaming news, views and reviews. Kagome's friends constantly encourage Kagome to be Hōjō's girlfriend, and thanks to this verbal encouragement, Hōjō believes that he truly is Kagome's boyfriend. [4] Unfortunately, he mistook her for Kikyō, Kaede's older sister, who had been the very priestess that had bound him to the tree 50 years prior. Kikyo was the most powerful high-ranking priestess of her generation and was feared by many. This was shown when she nearly killed Naraku out of her disgust and fury towards his evil, manipulative nature and had wanted him destroyed as much as her companions since then. Why, however, is never elaborated-upon, as they're supposed to be incarnations of the same soul, their spiritual powers should be the same. [4] In an attempt to locate her house, she came upon the Sacred Tree, upon which she discovered a sleeping white-haired, dog-eared boy sealed by an arrow and overgrown with vines. Kagome seems to be underrated quite a bit and this proves that she is stronger than people think! All content cited is derived from their respective sources. They have a typical brother-sister relationship as they both tease but they definitely care deeply for one another. This website uses cookies to better your experience. Game Debut Whenever Kikyō becomes involved somehow, Inuyasha drops everything around him so that he may protect her, events to which always lead to Kagome's feelings becoming deeply hurt out of impulsive jealously, even though she knows it's mostly out of guilt. Though his feelings are rarely out in the open, Hōjō shows that he cares for Kagome by taking the role of her protector in the modern era, often "helping" her recover from her illnesses, giving her his notes from class to study with, and suggesting that she confide in him if she has any problems. Higurashi Kagome Nothing is really definite as of now. The leader of the Wolf Tribe, Kōga, was infatuated with Kagome, often calling her "my woman." 49 kg (108 lbs) He abducted Rin, as bait, to lure Sesshōmaru to his castle. However, shortly after the birth of their daughter, Sesshōmaru briefly joined forces with Kirinmaru to bring chaos across time and this brought a conflict against Inuyasha and Kagome. Manga Debut These shards allowed him to travel at the speed of the wind, which he used to his advantage during fights. Kagome usually is always seen wearing her green and white school uniform, also known as sailor fuku. However, this time Kagome is hurled into a strange dimension, one where she has never met Inuyasha.[11]. Debut Kikyo spat. Whom does he fall in love with? So, in my opinion, he loves the same person. Tsubaki has her shikigami, which takes the form of a serpent, bite Kagome, thus putting her under her spell. After Kagome saved her life in the Priestess Healer's cave, Kikyō seemed to treat Kagome better than she did in previous episodes and silently replying to Kagome's statement that Inuyasha would have been "heartbroken" if she were no longer around, "Same for you," and even smiled at her as she walked away. They get into fights over protecting Kagome or wanting to gain her attention and affection, Inuyasha has never felt easy whenever Kōga is near as he believes that Kagome might actually harbor feelings for him.
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