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On average, the three-tab shingle comes with a warranty of 20, 25, or 30 years. For this job, you won’t need much. Aesthetics. We suggest architectural shingles for people who are looking to get the most out of their residential roof in South Florida. Image source: Menards. When installed, however, the shingles overlap, doubling the thickness. Architectural shingles are made of multiple layers of material. Also referred to as laminate shingles or dimensional shingles, this type is about 50% thicker than traditional shingles and twice as durable. You have many options to choose from in terms of style, price, performance and color. The unique construction of these roofing shingles starts with a heavy mat base, typically fiberglass coated in asphalt. If you’ve recently decided to enjoy the many … Some laminate shingles, … Architectural shingles are nearly twice as thick as three-tab shingles and are therefore more durable and less vulnerable to curling. The traditional method used with 3-tab shingles to form ridge shingles works for most dimensional shingles. There were, of course, other popular roofing materials, and some regions rich in slate had fewer … If that’s the case a second layer of architectural shingles over pre existing architectural shingles should be fine. Although architectural shingles are a more significant investment up front, it will prove to be a lot cheaper over the long run. Another thing that you have to know about architectural shingles is that these are also 20 percent more in cost than normal shingles, but the manufacturers will provide you a warranty of over 25 years for these. They also stand out from traditional shingles due to their more distinctive, textured appearance. Their dimensional aesthetic is sometimes favored by homeowners who are focused on their residence’s curb appeal. They are known for their durability and can hold up very well when exposed to severe weather conditions and harsh sunlight. Class A fire rating. Wood shingles are thin, ... the popularity of architectural styles such as Carpenter Gothic, Queen Anne, and Shingle style architecture that used shingles to great effect. They can be subject to damage in areas or regions of the country that experience reoccurring bad weather. Architectural (also known as dimensional, laminated or composite shingles) shingles are constructed with a heavier base mat which multiple layers of material are adhered to. So you have to think about installing these on your roof than to go for normal traditional shingles. This gives the “dimensional” shingles a layered or three dimensional look. Thicker than Heritage shingles. Whereas the standard three tab shingle contains a flat layer with no dimensional “thickness” to it. Architectural shingles are a premium asphalt shingle introduced in the 1970s. However, it might be more difficult to do as architectural shingles are much thicker and heavier by, at least, 50%. Good impact resistance can also reduce the chance of damage to the underlayment. Architectural shingles are thicker and heavier than 3-tab shingles. This makes them thick, heavy, weather-resistant, and, of course, more expensive. Architectural shingles can be made to resemble premium roofing materials like cedar and slate and are better able to hide imperfections on the roof surface. Architectural Shingles – Slate: Another unique architectural shingle design imitates the look of … Multiple roofing shingles are then overlapped and laminated together, creating a shingle that is thicker and can … Since an architectural shingle roof is easier to install, is more durable and comes with a better warranty, its lifespan cost is, in many instances, actually less than that of a more basic 3-tab roof. Architectural Shingles (30 YEARS SHINGLES) Additionally, they have a more dimensional look to them much like a wooden shake or a tile has dimension. Roof shingles are not created equal. Standard asphalt shingles add very little thickness to the roof, because a standard three-tab shingle is about 3/16-inch thick. This makes them both easier to install and means they are a less expensive upfront cost than architectural shingles. The downside though, is that it makes them less durable against strong winds and severe weather. These are then layered on top of each other to make the shingle. 110-130 mph wind rating. How to Install Architectural Shingles . These shingles are quite thick with random slots similar to real shakes. Architectural Shingles. For dimensional shingles being installed over a layer of existing dimensional shingles you should always use a 1 1/2-inch roofing nail. Architectural shingles are a very popular shingle type that consists of two shingle strips that have been laminated together, which makes them thicker and more durable than standard shingles. Architectural shingles (3D) last longer but may not be an appropriate choice for shallow-pitch roofs. Architectural shingles are also more … They are made by creating thin sheets of a fiberglass and asphalt mixture. These shingles are quite thick with random slots similar to real shakes. Metal roofing … Because of their extra thickness and contouring, they cost more than traditional asphalt shingles, but they last longer and carry longer warranties. While roofs are … If you are putting a layer of asphalt shingles over an existing layer of asphalt shingles on to a 3/4-inch deck or a plank deck then you should be using 1 1/2-inch nails. Typically architectural shingles … You may also have heard them referred to as laminate or dimensional shingles. Cons: Difficult to determine warranty costs. Measure the shingles for your needs. Architectural shingles (also known as laminate, dimensional, or composite shingles) are thicker and have a more distinctive, textured appearance. Additionally, if you're planning on moving in a few years, Tamko shingles are a good choice because of the low cost. Architectural shingles are heavier than regular shingles, so that will need to be factored into the labor of carrying them up the ladder and assembling them on the roof. However, they can be shaped on-site to wrap the ridge, or special ridge shingles offered by most manufacturers can be used. Alright, those are the steps on how to shingle a Gambrel roof. You could conceivably get the benefits of an asphalt shingle roof, which is fairly low-maintenance, with the look of a cedar shake roof with an architectural shingle. In general, thicker architectural shingles are more resistant than 3-tab shingles to the impact of objects like falling branches and large hail. Longer nails are usually used to secure the thicker areas of the shingles. Architectural shingles will also need additional roof support due to their increased weight. Their durability can make them an excellent investment. Architectural Shingles - Cedar Shakes: Some of the most attractive architectural roofing shingles simulate cedar wood shakes (such as CertainTeed's Presidential Shake® shingles). When northern NJ homeowners take everything into consideration, they often conclude that architectural shingles are the better investment. Since the base of an architectural shingle is comprised of multiple layers, roofs that are made from architectural shingles are known to endure extreme weather conditions better than many … You can use any types of shingles while working on shingling your roof. Due to intended 3 dimensional usage, they are slightly thicker than the traditional 3 stud shingles to give more depth to the rood. Architectural roof shingles are thicker asphalt shingles designed to look like slate, cedar, clay tile, and other natural materials, making architectural roof shingles’ color options nearly limitless. Invest Wisely. Fiber cement shingles will last about 25 years, while cedar shake and architectural asphalt – which are thicker than most materials – will last 30 years. Architectural Shingles – Cedar Shakes: Some of the most attractive architectural roofing shingles simulate cedar wood shakes (such as CertainTeed’s Arcadia Shake® and Presidential Shake® shingles). A thicker shingle allows for greater endurance and strength and when it comes to wind and other extreme weather conditions, architectural shingles are considerably more durable. You might wonder can you use architectural shingles on a Gambrel roof. Tamko Summary. How Long do Architectural Shingles Last Weather Effect on Roof’s Durability. Check out the graphs that show how architectural shingles are typically more impact-resistant than the 3-tab variety. These pristine architectural shingles are thicker and 50% heavier than 3-tab shingles, which make it a more durable option with longer warranties. … They are made with a thicker base than standard 3-tab shingles and have multiple layers of material attached; this is what gives architectural shingles a more complex, dimensional look. Three-tab shingles are relatively thin as they are made up of a single layer of materials. Laminated architectural shingles are thicker than regular 3-tab shingles and more difficult to cut and form to the ridge. While architectural shingles are more expensive, they can increase a home’s value. How to Cut Architecture Shingles for Ridge Cap. Architectural shingles have … Although tabbed shingles and architectural shingles are considered roof shingles, when it comes to nails, they are very different. Constructed with a heavy base mat that consists of multiple layers of material, architectural shingles are thicker, stronger, and more wind resistant. Architectural styles are about two to three times as thick as 3-tab types, and may last two or three times as long. Wood Shake Roof Shingles Wood shake roofs look like wooden shingle roofs, except they are hand-split with power tools. Three-tab shingles are also much more lightweight than architectural, as well as less thick. Roofs with much longer lifespans are metal, which lasts between 40 and 80 years, tile and slate roofs which can last about 100 years. Lifecycle cost. These are a premium grade of asphalt shingles that are thicker than standard shingles. Also, bear in mind the architectural shingles will … … Pros: Architectural shingles have longer warranties because they are thicker … Architectural shingles are made out of asphalt – reasonably similar to 3 stud shingles. If your decking is less than 3/4 inch then a 1 1/2-inch nail will suffice. Fortunately, there are manufacturer instructions included with roofing nails, so you will know how to use them. Three-tab shingles are weaker, less durable, and not as long-lasting. Architectural shingles, however, have two asphalt shingles stripes laminated together. Hand-split shingles continued to be used in many places well after the introduction of machine sawn shingles. This layering creates a shingle that is better suited to hold up against the elements. Here are Atlas’ types of architectural shingles. Architectural shingles first made their appearance in the roofing industry back in the 1970s by manufacturers who wanted … They are also less vulnerable to curling. Architectural shingles are thicker asphalt shingle types that can create the appearance of visually stunning natural roofing like slate, cedar, or clay tiles at a fraction of the cost. As architectural shingles are thicker and vary in size in comparison to standard three tab asphalt shingles, they won’t lay as flat unless the previous roofing material itself was architectural shingles. If you're looking for a more affordable shingle and are ok with a relatively limited warranty, Tamko is a perfect choice. Talk to one of our specialized roofing consultants to see which type of asphalt shingles … Good thing about these architectural shingles is that you … The asphalt is embedded with ceramic-coated mineral granules. Architectural shingles will also raise the value of any home and are becoming more and more popular in today’s market. When you consider the … Other types of shingles, including number 1 wood, cedar shake and tile are thicker, although the thickness depends upon the individual brand of shingles you select. The initial cost of a laminate shingle will be about 20% more than a 3-tab shingle, but this investment will pay back many times that in the long run. In appearance, architectural shingles are less flat looking on a roof (hence “dimensional”) and come in a greater array of colors, sizes, and shapes. In fact, all you need to gather is a big pair of snips or a utility knife and your architectural shingles. This gives them an … Though architectural shingles have a higher wind and hail resistance than 3-tab shingles, they are much more expensive. Architectural shingles. Gather the necessary materials. Three-tab shingles … Three-tab shingles are okay for wind speeds up to 60 mph, but not … Durability. Architectural shingles are also thicker and provide the option of a variety of different color and size selections that add three-dimensional shadows and light to your roof. Architectural shingles are practically twice as thick as three-tab shingles.
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