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Doesn't set as quickly as some have said. I ended up replacing the radiator...which has worked well for me. For California residents only, check here for warning. Est. : 8277; Includes: 2-oz stick ; J-B Weld waterweld can be used on fiberglass, PVC plastic, copper, brass, iron and aluminum; Ingredients: Ingredients: essential. Here's my complaint, whether I could open up the crack or not, it would not have made a difference given the dry time of the resin. FWIW just replace it because its only going to get worse. First, we are a family owned and operated business. To do this, make sure your engine has cooled for several hours, your battery is disconnected and the engine is covered with an approved blanket or tarp to prevent splashing from reaching it. Apply your mixed J-B WELD all over the leak area liberally with the wooden tool. Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2018. You only want to squeeze out a bit at a time as the resin sets up very quickly when exposed to air, so if you were to just squeeze a big glob onto your repair surface, you may be stuck with a big glob. Check for remaining leaks after the car has been started and repeat as necessary. Imported vehicles … Helpful. Talking less than a minute. Next, Mix up your JB Weld on an old Bosch box laying around so the German quality is infused into the JB Weld . Mix the J-B WELD. Please select a store to view pricing and availability. I love JB Weld products, but if your radiator is leaking just bite the bullet and replace it. Apply. When I installed the new radiator I applied JB Weld as a precautionary measure around many of the areas that are prone to failure, such as around the base of the hose necks. #6. Slide 1 of 1. J-B Weld offers a PlasticWeld product, geared toward bonding more types of plastics than the original J-B Weld formula. Radiators; All Metals; Lawn & Garden Equipment; Water Tanks; Use On. you'll need to reinforce the mounting posts and hose spigots as they are very weak. Smells like regular JB Weld. So all said and done, the patch did not work, I cranked up the engine and took a quick drive, still leaking, though maybe a little slower. By simply bursting the center seam of the pouch, you will be able to mix and knead the putty inside the bad without your hands getting dirty. Have fun. Clean the area that needs to be repaired by applying some Super Prep Plastic Cleaner; Use a heat gun to repair faster, the heat will soften the plastic ; Heat the are area up gradually, you should notice the crack groove and surrounding surface become … to yours & It lasted me 6mo. Some tips on usage: Use only small amounts, for it sets too quickly to do a complete job at once. Disposable piece of plastic (such as a jar lid). Once kneaded, it can be easily molded. 2. 5.0 out of 5 stars Still … … J-B Marine Weld Mfg.# 8272 Sku# 1000421. Profile. 05/15/2018 by Weldon Miguel Rodriguez. I have a 95 KW T6 with an N-14 the charge air cooler has two cracks in it i had it out to repair the radiator and the radiator guy tested the cooler and told me i need a new one and could not repair this one because the cracks come to close to the cooling fins. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Drain your radiator. J-B Weld Model J-B Weld 2120 Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit Item Weight 2.08 ounces Product Dimensions 2 x 4 x 8 inches Item model number 2120 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Manufacturer Part Number 2120 Cover Included Epoxy Putty^Fiberglass Cloth^Sand Paper^Applicator Brush Remember that plastic welding requires the equal heating of the weld spline or rod, weld piece, and of the weld bed. Not Available. Also a local radiator shop might be able to help you. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. So, I removed the Waterweld by scraping it off with a screwdriver and applied JB Plasticweld. In-Store. Then appy to the broken edges on the hose neck and radiator and use a zip tie like shown because a clamp just wont sit straight on there. After curing, it can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded and painted. 2 Mix. Unscrew your radiator cap to provide air flow and place your container below the radiator plug, which is usually located at one of the bottom corners of the radiator. I only got to use about half of the resin, my patch needed much more. Ideal for repairing plumbing, fuel tanks, tub and shower, drains, pool and spa, boats and potable water tanks; setup occurs even under water. Although PlasticWeld is available in both an epoxy putty form and a two-part liquid epoxy, neither of these bond polyethylene or polypropylene plastic. IT WORKED! J-B Weld's WaterWeld (pictured) is a specially formulated epoxy putty that can be applied to a wet, leaking or underwater surface. BUT, aftermarket plastic radiator bowls last about 4 years in my experience. if you choose not to reinforce the posts and hose spigots they will break, probably before you even ride it. J-B Weld's WaterWeld (pictured) is a specially formulated epoxy putty that can be applied to a wet, leaking or underwater surface. Richard. Part # 2120. Once kneaded, it can be easily molded. Click here to get all the product details. This J-B Weld epoxy adhesive is ideal for use for many applications and materials, and it even works underwater. A5349534 . Skip to content 10% OFF $100 use code: WINTER10 Online, Ship to Home Only. I've used it for many things : a water pump on a 77 Vette, muffler fix on a 95 Tahoe, radiator brackets on a Chevy pickup never had a problem with the fix it quick. I am going to let it cure overnight. JB Weld, no matter how good it is, will not withstand the coolant, the heat and the pressure inside your radiator. Radiator & Parts Cooling Fans Coolers - Other Steering Steering Links & Ends Steering Rack ... Gap filling to 0.125 inch. Drain your radiator. Especially since they make a product called "Radiator Weld" LMAO. In-Store. Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2020. This is my lame fix to the radiator leak problem. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS. You will be fine. The JB Weld is great, original repair was still holding!If I had some kind of plastic water tank that had a hole in it I would buy this again. Weld Racing Wheels 83B-512280MBS 15x12 Blk Alpha-1 Wheel 5x4.750bp 5in Bs Blk Dbl This adhesive is available in a 2-oz stick. The best epoxy for plastic radiator repair would be J-B Weld, which will work on plastic tanks as well as other metal surfaces. Most important is making use of the mix within a minute. I was not able to do this without pulling out my $60 radiator due to where the crack was, thus making a $15 "band-aid" take as much labor as a $60 replacement. J-B Weld Radiator Weld Repair Kit. Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2020. The putty cures in three hours, while the liquid version cures in an hour. Store options: St. John's Hebron … J-B Weld. Checked it everyday for a week. It works, if done correctly. Tech Connection Effective Nov. 1-30, JB Weld $359 #8265S High Strength Red Threadlocker $399 each #27100 $545 tomer with a brand new water pump or radiator, but not new radiator hoses is like setting a ticking time bomb for a comeback. Additional tools such as a sanding … Water resistant and good chemical resistance. Resin is good, throw away the fiberglass. Standard Delivery. 30 minutes back home. The JB Water Weld is designed to have a set time of 15 to 25 minutes, withstand temperature up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and has a tensile strength of 900 psi. alumiweld, jb weld will be your best friend with this. Bazaarvoice SAP Hybris Integration Version 2.8.0. 3 Apply. Gaines contributes writing to various websites and is working on her first fantasy novel. IN-STORE 14 IN STOCK - Aisle 12 St. John's Hebron Way, NL (as of 9:35 AM) Check other stores. I used it to seal up an oil pan crack that was seeping oil, a radiator leak that was damaged from a failed water pump, and a crack in the back of the block that leaks water when running. Fix your radiator properly by either having it soldered or replaced, depending on the damage. So unless you can get a drill or some kind of tool into where your crack is to open it up, consider your labor costs. Epoxy & Adhesives 7 Items. Complete kit contains everything required for making professional-quality permanent repairs in just minutes. WaterWeld Epoxy Putty; Marine Weld; JB Weld; SteelStik Epoxy Putty; Full Product Range. (Be aware if you use this, you literally only have a couple of minutes before the product becomes hard (and HOT) and impossible to work with.) On paper, it sounds like JB Weld is perfectly suited for patching a small leak in a radiator. These are all simultaneously heated by a hot gas stream from the welding gun, and if the above factors (prep, heat/pressure, filler, tip) are right, you'll get a … Kris Gaines is a professional writer and an accomplished artist within many mediums including digital and traditional styles. All Products Automotive • Heavy Equipment & Semi • Agricultural • Industrial WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Had a hairline crack in a 14 month old Denso radiator in my Lexus LX470/Landcruiser. This stuff is two part epoxy like regular JB Weld. WaterWeld™ cures to an off-white color, is rated at a tensile strength of 1300 PSI and will withstand temperatures up to 300ºF. Reggie Island no you cannot. However in essence it is a "glue for metal". What do you think about J B Weld for on the trail fix-its ? BUT, aftermarket plastic radiator bowls last about 4 years in my experience. Professionals, mechanics and avid DIYers know J-B gets the job done. Simply so, can you use jb water weld underwater? In-Store. J-B WELD WATERWELD: A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick, that can cure under water and is ideal for repairing plumbing, fuel tanks, tubs and showers, drains, pool and spa, boats & potable water tanks and more! Was this answer helpful? Fixing the radiator inside the car, drain any water to underneath the leak or crack line. I had a small crack in the plastic top of the radiator, but this didn't seal it...once the pressure built it spilled out from under the repair. Putting it on will not accomplish a thing as it will just run under it to the edge and then leak out there. Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2018. J-B Weld epoxy J-B Weld is a two-part epoxy adhesive (or filler) that can withstand high-temperature environments. Not Available. If you look on ebay there are some for sale right now. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, J-B Weld 2120 Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit, See all details for J-B Weld 2120 Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. J-B Weld epoxy putties for wet repairs. 89 Turbo, Built Auto,MP T-61,Maft-Pro,Aro.FPR,Walbro FP,RC550 inj,Alum 1pc Drive Shaft,Custom HKS IC W/Hard pipes,Blitz SBC,Blitz TT,ProSport 60m Boost,EGT,Fuel,AeM WB,3"Custom DP turbo to Apex Dunk Exhaust, ST Springs & KYB … They have leak stop for radiators...you can do alright for a little while with little driving...but all in all you are just going to have to get a new … Cart. Cut the corner quick but it was solid already. I had to remove the sticky mess and fiberglass and now I'm hoping it will at least dry/adhere enough that I can try some other product...otherwise this made me completely ruin my radiator for what should have been a simple repair. Car radiators leak, and the easiest way to tell that your radiator has a leak is a consistently low coolant level or simply a green radioactive looking puddle under your vehicle. Had I known, a different strategy would have been used. radiator repair plastic. In-Store. Not Available. J-B Weld. J-B Weld WaterWeld is certified by the NSF and is safe for contact with potable water. It can be formed, drilled, ground, sawn, tapped, machined, filled, sanded, painted and applied under water. Then went over the crack with a wire wheel to rough up the plastic. Ideal for repairing plumbing, fuel tanks, tub and shower, drains, pool and spa, boats and potable water tanks; setup occurs even under water. JB Weld will be like Metal after it sets. Questions and Answer . I concur with the answers I have read, but I want to add a story. When working with radiator fluid, always park the vehicle on level ground to avoid run off into gutters and streams. Reconnect your battery and start your vehicle. How to Repair a Radiator With J-B WELD. Now repeat above steps and you won't have to buy it multiple times. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. The plastic radiator repair epoxy is a similar method to the above guide to radiator crack repair. Not even enough time to use. Waterweld Epoxy Putty allows you to make permanent repairs in moist or under water applications; Will fully cure in 60 minutes and will adhere to most surfaces; Once cured it can be drilled, sanded, filed, tapped, machined and painted; Size: 57 g; Save 15% *Was $10.99. Thought I would give it a try. The mixture will set in 4 to 6 hours and be completely cured in 15 to 24 hours. I mixed four servings and still have half left over. J-B Weld is water-resistant, petroleum/chemical-resistant (when hardened), and acid-resistant. Find a O'Reilly auto parts location near you at 400 Southwest Boulevard. JB Weld, Perm-O-Seal Stick, Specially Formulated Non-Toxic Compound Ground To A Very Fine Particle Size To Quickly Mix & Flow Into All Areas Of The Cooling System To Fina & Seal Leaks, Powered Concentrate Allows For An Economical Repair As compared To Liquid Based Alternatives That Use Similar Technology, Great For Permanent Repairs For All Car, Truck, Van, Bus & Tractor Radiators, Will … I would def just like to replace it with an aluminum radiator but don't have the money right now, so has anyone fixed a crack like this with JB weld or anything of the sort with positive results? The engine bay gets very hot and the JB Weld will begin to bake, crack, and then flake off.
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