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In fact, a procurement strategy is one of the most significant tools which helps to maximize the value contribution of any company. 2018 research indicates the path of procurement leaders believe their current teams don’t have the required level of skills and capabilities to deliver on their procurement strategy. Ideally, your procurement strategy framework should include the following: A flexible and robust procurement strategy minimizes errors, makes it easy to find savings opportunities, helps to eliminate maverick spending and insurance policy compliance. Does leasing this equipment make sense for my business? A strategic procurement team is essential to set the overall direction for procurement, aligned with the business strategy. Using data and information you’ve obtained, create a draft procurement strategy that lists down your goals and tactics that you will use to achieve them. Regardless of the magnitude of the shift, there are certain steps you should take when deciding how to build a better procurement strategy. Rules of Engagement with Potential Vendors Regarding Requirements and Roi All departments throughout a company must make an effort to work together for the betterment of the organization as a whole. Modern procurement tools can transform a painfully slow procurement strategy to world class overnight. Am I buying too much or just enough? “Technology procurement is no longer a tactical function,” explains Luke Ellery, research director at Gartner. play a vital role in it. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Contact Devan at Follow the smart method when it comes to developing your goals. 1. The procurement strategy needs to take multiple factors into consideration, like the timeline, budget and quality of the project. Make sure your IT procurement project has a champion. To do this, you must obtain data from internal stakeholders, suppliers, and any other parties who are involved in the procurement process. All the selection is the world would do us no good if our prices weren’t where they need to be. The best procurement software will find an address any process gaps and enforced purchasing policies without manual intervention and if anything seems out of line, it will stop it in its tracks and call attention to the issue. Procurement strategy Input/Output. 2 It … Our people are both technically excellent and love working with your team to provide exceptional support. Actually today you can hardly find a company that does not implement various IT systems and solutions to plan and carry out strategic and operational processes because computers and software solutions are integrated parts of the enterprise-wide project management system. PR10-008-I ; Procurement Strategy article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam White at Single Source Procurement For example some companies may decide to undertake a single source procurement strategythat involves obtaining excellent dedicated service from a single vendor. Let OneHQ assist you with your next roll out and experience the difference. You will be surprised at the additional savings opportunities you can find. It serves as a guide for your organization and should be updated annually to ensure it remains an alignment with your overall business strategy. Procurement strategy ; TARGETS • Clear alignment of the Procurement Strategic Intent with the University Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives. How to develop a procurement strategy in 8 steps. Here's all you need to know to power up the procurement process. PurchaseControl helps your strategic procurement with automation. PROCUREMENT OBJECTIVES. Conducting a fact-based analysis will help you align and prioritize your strategy across other functions and business goals. The report also highlights of high-performing procurement leaders outperform others and executive advocacy, strategic decision-making, Talent capability, digital procurement, supply chain transparency, and balanced scorecard capabilities. Regardless of your organization size, there are few common types of procurement strategies that anyone can adopt including cost reduction, supplier management and optimization, risk management, total quality management, global sourcing, and green purchasing. Strategic procurement, also known as strategic sourcing, refers to the long-range plan to ensure a timely supply of goods and services that are critical to an organization’s ability to meet its core objectives. Procurement objectives are usually aligned with a company's business objective as well. Procurement strategies have several components that make each unique to its respective organization—there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a strategy. With an IT procurement policy and procedure, your business can seamlessly execute its projects with the critical IT products and services by its side. It needs your involvement and determination whether to proceed competitively or non-competitively and includes all the details that support regional benefits. Engage in a what-if discussion to challenge the status quo and question the obvious. Based upon the Strategic Analysis, Risk Assessment and Stakeholder Analysis, detail the key Procurement Objectives that if achieved will support the delivery of the Project’s … In addition to understanding how each procurement project can create a ripple effect with a far-reaching impact.. Strategic sourcing, as an approach to procurement, has been around since the 1980s.However, roles dedicated to the practice are relatively new. It requires input from all departments and functional areas for an organization. It is worth noting that sometimes the best strategic sourcing decision may be not to make a purchase at all. A strategic procurement team is crucial when it comes to setting the overall direction for procurement aligned with your company’s business strategy. Often, these strategies focus on options such as reducing costs and … A procurement strategy is developed in order to establish the direction of how procurement should be organised in order to implement the procurement policy. This team sets the overall direction for procurement, aligned with the business strategy. Procurement strategy is the heart of business excellence and should be coordinated with proper strategies and objectives. It includes the creation and management of request for quotations (RFQ s), requests for proposals (RFP s), requests … A typical IT procurement process involves determining IT requirements, communicating with suppliers, administering procuring contracts, managing the assets, and quality assurance. comprehensive strategy in place, it’s impossible to know whether or not your procurement organization is aligned with the corporate strategy and whether or not progress is being made. It’s about seeing the big picture. Before you can design a robust procurement strategy that gives your company the best possible results, you must understand your organization’s needs. OneHQ understands that sourcing IT products is not all about the purchase. Tools like TCO can be used to identify and analyze often overlooked her unknown costs associated with an item or service in addition to its initial purchase price. The tools used such as TCO, SWOT analysis, SCOPE analysis, Category Positioning Matrix, etc. Copyright 2020 - OneHQ   |   All Rights Reserved, Are you spending an endless amount time sifting through the Internet to find the right computer equipment for your business, How can I tell these offerings apart? The IT procurement strategy serves as a guard for preventing ‘maverick spend’ IT spending that occurs outside of your process. It serves as a guide for your organization and should be updated annually to ensure it remains an alignment with your overall business strategy. Procurement Strategy Template. A procurement strategy plan is one of the most important documents or plan examples that your business should have. Assign a champion. After you execute a digital procurement strategy, you need to track and measure the progress and the success of the implementation. Giving effect to whole-of-government policy decisions or positions of government (e.g. If a decision is made to acquire from outside the project, the procurement strategy is to determine the project delivery method, the type of legally binding agreement(s), and how the procurement will advance through the procurement phases.. Strategic procurement also deals with the development of cost-saving communications and IT, improved procedures and logistics, high consumer demands, increasing environmental awareness and transparency requirements, and dynamic competition. Tailor the strategy to your needs; Conclusion; What is a procurement strategy? Use a dedicated tool; 7. Set up and execute the procurement strategy; 8. Routes to Strategic Procurement. They all seem the same. Mistakes that are common include purchasing without defined tasks, failing to achieve efficiency despite appropriate and suitable purchasing tools, and failing to find a balance between local and central purchasing. We just need a bit more information from you so our specialists know how to assist you better. Create a list of best practices that will eliminate the existing inefficiencies. All over the business landscape, more companies in more diverse industries are transforming their Procurement functions. “Typically, your procurement strategy depends on multiple factors including your available budget, the purchase timeline, possible risks, total cost of ownership and more. The right strategic procurement strategy helps ensure your company’s success and maximizes its value contribution. Keep an eye on what’s Happening and make adjustments when and where possible to continuously improve your results. • Annual review / refresh of the Procurement Policy • Annual review / refresh of the Procurement Strategy . Analyse expenditure; 2. Using a SWOT analysis can identify the current state of your procurement functions. Dark spending is also a threat as it undermines the trust upper management have in your IT. The boom in the adoption of strategic sourcing implies that almost everyone has heard of it. Fortunately, our longevity in the industry has earned us the clout needed to negotiate better prices than even our largest competitor and subsequently earn your business. Several factors such as the budget, requirements, contract, etc. If you’re not sure that buying from an authorized source will make a difference, just ask anyone who bought from an unauthorized dealer and then had something go wrong with the product a few weeks later. Today’s procurement landscape calls for a more strategic approach aligned with the overall organizational strategy. For example, if you need to reduce maverick spending, you should implement procurement software that makes the process transparent. For strategic sourcing managers, procurement is about more than simply finding the lowest price. Understanding IT Procurement Contracts Nearly all IT projects require some sort of procurement, whether it is for hardware, software, or services. We know pricing will always be one of the most important factors in your buying decision. Take time to implement a digital procurement strategy as it will enable your company to spend more time with suppliers and the strategic parts of procurement instead of transactions and administrative tasks. To ensure the data remains relevant, organizations must work to keep the data current and up-to-date over time. Promoting a strategic, coordinated and outcomes-based approach to procurement. It is a stepwise approach of purchasing a firm's supplies in a cost-effective manner. Identify needs; 3. It is relevant in terms of globalization.on the sales side, it increases pressures on the company’s prices and on the purchase side, it opens up new potential. IT procurement and purchasing activities within the framework of project management are essential to any organization which uses information systems and equipment to drive projects, processes and procedures. We just need some information from you so our specialists know how to assist you better. Will the equipment I’m investing in be around for the long term or is it about to be replaced? Your procurement policy should offer guidance on fair practice for everyone involved in the process and remedies for possible violations. The information you gain here will not only serve as a knowledge base within your organization but function as the foundation of your procurement strategy. A procurement system improves employee productivity and reduces error by eliminating manual data entry and its Associated Inn efficiencies. Quite often it’s about logistics. At OneHQ, we have a highly trained IT procurement department allowing us to maintain authorizations from Fortinet, Microsoft, IGel, Eset, Vmware, Hewlett Packard, Barracuda, Lenovo, and many more. Global Household Name in the Professional Services Industry is looking for an IT Strategic Procurement Consultant to look after their entire Technology Spend. promotion of competition). After you finish the internal analysis to determine the business needs, look to the external side of everything – your supply markets and their current conditions. This Research Byte serves as a basic primer to identify and explain the major sections of typical IT procurement contracts. Therefore understanding IT procurement contracts has become an important part of the job of the project manager. Reorienting the procurement function as sourcing advisors will avoid roadblocks to progress against mission-critical business objectives. Strategic Procurement: What It Is and How To Implement It, Strategy statement: the rational and the basis, The metrics used to evaluate your process. Study the market; 4. Give us a call today for a chat. Some purchasing strategies may include such choices as making procurement savings by using centralized purchasingwhich is concentrating the entire procurement activities within one principal location & source of authority. Procurement Strategy directly connects an organization to its suppliers. Where agency requirements are so common and consistent that it makes sense to establish a whole-of-government arrangement that meets the business needs of agencies and preserves government … Set realistic objectives; 5. There are several different routes a company can take when it comes to strategic procurement in the construction sector. Examine the Current Situation This document helps in ensuring the efficiency of using resources and acquiring new items that can benefit the business and its operations in the best way possible. Instead of starting from scratch, adapter existing procurement policy templates to fit around your organization’s business needs. Get the gear you need to support your business at the best possible terms from our team of IT procurement experts. by Rob Biedron | Mar 2, 2020 | Procurement, Stay up-to-date with news sent straight to your inbox, Sign up with your email to receive updates from our blog. Hint: they’re not. There are many ways of sourcing products through non-traditional channels allowing many companies to sell products they are not authorized to sell. Hence, this article attempts to cover what constitutes strategic sourcing, how it differs from tactical sourcing, and its driving forces and processes. Enter your email below to begin the process of setting up a meeting with one of our product specialists. Often, these strategies focus on options such as reducing costs and mitigating risks.”. 1. The procurement strategy’s main purpose is therefore to provide teams with a set of methods and best practices in line with the company’s main concerns. But with the rise of cloud services and the digitization of all business units, CIOs have added new tasks to the job description — generate revenue, drive innovation and retain customers. Strategic procurement incorporates actions aimed at reducing the overall supplier base, negotiations, communications, and working to maintain long-term relationships with suppliers. 1. Using the data you collected in the previous steps can help you determine the annoyances in your procurement process. After you have developed a strategy, it’s time to execute it. As your strategy is executed, it will demand involvement from other departments in your business such as Human Resources, Administration, Sales, and Finance. This is where we excel. Procurement strategy should be a comprehensive roadmap for company spend and a tool to maximize budget and minimize errors, late or duplicate payments, maverick spend, and poorly-timed deliveries. If your procurement process still relies on ancient tools, it's time for a major technology makeover. It procurement involves both strategic and administrative responsibilities. Each step of the procurement process from identifying the sourcing needs to completing the payment is streamlined. Implement procurement guidelines; 6. 1. Following an efficient strategy ensures consistent cash flow and a healthier bottom line. You must also stop excessive or unauthorized spending. Procurement departments need to make five important shifts to support faster, decentralized decision-making throughout the business. Importance of Procurement Planning and Procurement Strategy Development. SECTION 5. This Procurement Strategy outlines our strategic approach to procuring goods, works and services, people's responsibilities and how we intend to manage procurement in the future. The term procurement strategy refers to a long-term plan to cost-effectively acquire the necessary supplies from a list of efficient vendors who will deliver quality … You can use methodologies such as scope analysis and Porter’s five forces to make things easier. Modify your procurement policy to address the risks you’ve identified during the SWOT analysis. Press release - AMA Research & Media LLP - IT Consulting Services - Procurement Strategic Assessment and Forecast Till 2025: Fujitsu, HCL Technologies, Hexaware Tech - … Compass Housing Services have been working with OneHQ since early 2019. However, being a term that encompasses a large number of sub-concepts, understanding strategic sourcing might get complex. It necessitates effort from all departments of a company. Your company’s procurement strategy is one of the most important tools to help maximize the value contribution. Organizations should set up a strategic procurement team. Share it with your procurement leaders, business leaders, and procurement staff. Using modern eLearning solutions like simulations and scenario-based training along with gamification and webinars, your organization can provide Innovative training programs that keep your employees engaged at an affordable cost. That’s why procurement leaders have the responsibility to take the necessary actions to implement a successful strategy. Companies that ought to handle the procurement process manually are more likely to spend more as a result of human error, late payments, and other delays. “Typically, your procurement strategy depends on multiple factors including your available budget, the purchase timeline, possible risks, total cost of ownership and more. The procurement strategy also reflects the organization’s vision on the market. Collect the necessary data from suppliers and potential suppliers. How do I know I’m getting the best deal? After you figure out areas where the procurement process can be improved, support them in descending order of impact based on how much they affect your company’s bottom line. For a truly strategic procurement process, the entire organization must be involved. Head of IT Procurement - FTSE 100 Market Leader - North London + Flexible Working - £100,000- £110,000 + Package. A procurement strategy defines how to procure a service, product or components at the highest level. This could mean small-scale change or a massive workflow overhaul. One of the easiest ways to deal with this issue is to provide an effective training and development program for your employees. We understand that when it comes to buying technology, there are many choices. These strategies are predominant when sourcing for IT or indirect purchasing such as … You also want to take time to communicate your new plan to any and all stakeholders. It is structured around the 5 strategic goals of the University’s Strategy 2020 and demonstrates how Procurement will support the University in its achievement of its goals. Communicating with everyone involved in any procurement system helps them feel involved in the process and gives you feedback that you can use to make improvements. OneHQ have been helpful in scoping, procuring and configuring IT hardware whilst our office was in the midst of construction. Committee of the Executive Board that the procurement strategy “will focus on pure procurement transactions such as procurement of goods, agreements for performance of work, technical services agreements, non-grant letter of agreement and procurement of general external services”. It’s about getting the right products, configured, bundled, labeled, re-packaged (with instructions, if needed), delivered to multiple offices on a timely manner and having technical support available to get you up and running quickly. After you determined what your business needs are, it is crucial to come up with a clear vision of what you need to achieve. Our IT procurement services help negotiate cost savings, as well as get better terms for new software acquisitions and renewals, or expansion of software agreements. In this article, we look at six best practices to make IT procurement processes go smoothly, both for IT stakeholders and for other stakeholders in the procurement process who are working with IT. Definition Using a category positioning matrix can help your organization identify the key business requirements that go into the development of your procurement strategy. Using a procurement management system helps track the picture to pay process from end-to-end. Before you can make any changes to your current procurement strategy, you have to analyze your existing spend culture.
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