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SandeeLynnSy 48,635 views. It will heat the product evenly and allows the hair removal wax to remain at a heated temperature until you turn it off. It works for now, though. Some of the GiGi kits such as the Professional Waxing kit, include a wax warmer which is used instead of the microwave to heat the wax. The wax is usually heated using a GiGi wax warmer, but this can be a time-consuming process. If wax is warm, but not hot, test it on the inside of your wrist. Remove the lid from the GiGi hard wax and drop the container into the opening in the wax warmer. The protective cover prevents heat loss from the container. Totally worth my time and the money #gigiwax @gigi #gigiwaxkit For example, if applying to legs, smooth the wax in a downward direction. I can mine with dish soap and it’s ready to be reused. GiGi | Paraffin Warmers - Paraffin Just use one piece of wax, as you don't want to overflow the bowl when it melts. Wax typically takes 20 to 30 minutes to warm completely, so if you are in a hurry, you can use a microwave to warm your wax. Stretch the skin around the strip and hold it taut. Using an applicator, apply a thick layer of wax in the direction of hair growth. 3. Makartt Warmer – Wax Warmer for Saloon-Like Treatment. When it hits the mark, take the bowl out and give the contents a little stir. With the GiGi one I put it on the lowest setting and … It contains natural honey and beeswax. I feel this heats easier and more even than the cans. Apply Post Wax Cooling Gel liberally to skin after waxing to help soothe irritation and redness. It comes with pre application, post application products as well. Why is Hard Wax so much better than Soft Wax? Wish List. Space Saver Warmer $28.00. Use the pre-epilation powder to absorb moisture and oils to make your skin ideal for waxing. How Long Should You Grow Out Leg Hair Before Waxing? ADD TO BAG. This will protect the warmer from wax mess. This wax removes hair and leaves skin smooth and soft, without irritating it. Plug the wax warmer into an electrical outlet and slip the cardboard collar around the opening in the top. This gel is included in the waxing kit. on this matter, but trust me, this warmer is epic and super reliable; it has been my trusty companion through many a wax session. Usually, there's a small bowl in the top of the warmer for the wax. Put the wax in the top of your wax warmer. The unit features a temperature control knob and indicator. Wash the areas of your skin which will be waxed. She completed her Bachelor of Science in journalism and photography from St. John's University, where she is completing her master's degree. GiGi Professional Multi-Purpose Wax Warmer with See-Through Cover 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,803. ADD TO BAG. Pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth quickly. Touch the jar, and if it doesn't feel too hot, dip the tip of your finger in the wax carefully. Aleksandra Ozimek has been writing professionally since 2007 for a fashion blog, various online media and the "Queens Courier," in addition to interning at "Cosmopolitan" magazine. 16:26. Plug warmer into an outlet and turn the switch on the machine to ''ON'' if applicable. If you put into the waxing well without the tin, you will be stuck with using one kind of wax only, due to the leftover wax left behind in your Wax Warmer. GiGi Wax Warmer. GiGi has remained dedicated to consistently Reinventing the Art of Waxing and staying Ahead of the Curve through setting industry trends with products, services and techniques for over 40 years. I'll be using hard wax from now on (and not from the Gigi brand). Sally Beauty: GiGi- GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax. Waxing is one method of hair removal which can leave skin silky smooth for weeks. Okay, I won’t wax lyrical (geddit?) I love the whole package. Wish List. To maintain waxing results longer, smooth on GiGi Slow Grow, a hair minimizer, every day after showering. Wax warmers are filled with wax melts that release their fragrances when they start to melt. Wax should be applied on dry skin only. $27.95. $29.99. Do not cover the bowl with anything! Smooth a thin layer of the wax onto your skin in the direction of hair growth, that is so the hair down is smoothed down. With warmer collar on, place wax container into the wax warmer. 2. The actual warmer is good but the Honee wax that it comes with is, honestly, terrible. Best Seller Deluxe Double Warmer $115.00. ADD TO BAG. The GiGi Space Saver Wax Warmer is the perfect wax warmer for the beauty professional who performs minimal waxing services or have limited counter space. Copyright © 2021 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. When I would rip the strip off, it didn't even grab all the hairs. For use with GiGi Natural Muslin, Bleached Muslin or Cloth Epilating Strips. 3. DIY FACIAL WAX | GIGI WAX WARMER - Duration: 16:26. Unfortunately, this pot may burn you. Leave the wax in the warmer for at least 20 minutes on "H" until the wax appears like thick honey. AFTER WAX CARE: 1. Here’s what you need: One of those Gigi wax-warming cauldrons you see in the back room of salons. Prepare W ax - Affix the disposable collar provided around the neck of the GiGi wax can. Use lotion daily to keep skin smooth and hair free longer, for example a lotion which slows down hair growth, or the Slow Grow Skin Maintenance Lotion, as recommended by GiGi. Put it back in for another 10 seconds, and when the time is up, take the bowl out once again to give the wax a gentle stir. Different wax warmers will hold different amounts. Cover the wax on your skin with an epilating strip which is included in the kit. Best Seller GiGi, Mini Honee Warmer, For 5 oz Cans $33.25. It is time consuming to do your wax but then you are usually free for the whole month. How I wax with GiGi | Beginner Friendly | Brow & Lip - YouTube These are loose bead wax, we recommend you to pour into a "EMPTY TIN" then put the tin into the Wax Warmer. Warmer will hold most wax containers and has a see through cover that prevents wax contamination. This all-natural honey wax instantly leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of hair and is gentle enough for delicate areas. Do not apply more wax in the same area, even if there are some hairs remaining. Some warmers use electricity or light bulbs, while others may use a tealight candle, which must be blown out once the melting process is finished to ensure fire safety. GiGi All Purpose Honee is the standard by which all other waxes are measured. Best Kit Overall – GiGi Student Wax Starter Kit. GiGi Wax Warmer Multi-Purpose Hair Removal Wax Warming Kit. I have wax since I was 14. can. GiGi wax is used in salons and at home for removing unwanted body hair. ALL PURPOSE HONEE. RELIABLE WAX TEMPERATURE CONTROL KNOB: The GiGi Wax Warmer has a temperature control knob that ensures the wax temperature is optimal no matter the wax formula. Let me count the ways. How do I love this Gigi wax warmer? Wish List. Perfect for at home use. - Duration: 7:31. I started using #gigi kit about 2 years ago. The wax should feel comfortable and warm, but not too hot. This method of hair removal is quite simple, thought it does involve mild pain which lasts just a few seconds. If you use a low melting temp wax you would really be in trouble. If you prefer hard wax, this a great professional hard wax to try. For a really long time I was not a fan of using a wax warmer because it is such a hassle and mess to deal with the wax.However, after moving this last time I felt like I needed to work on making my new place feel much more like home and part of doing that is sometimes enjoying a sweet scent. My skin is so soft. Remove from microwave carefully. GiGiwax warmer is used by professionals and has an aluminum container for thermostat controlled heating of wax. You can easily control and maintain the temperature with the knobs on outer body. The collar makes it easy to clean any spilled wax. Dry with a towel. This wax … The GiGi Honee Wax Warmer melts all kinds of hair removal wax. It’s easy to use it fits my Gigi warmer just pop it in and it’s all good. Use the Pre-Hon lotion to cleanse the area which will be waxed and pat it dry with a tissue. Wish List. And since Gigi’s waxes are all to be used with the Gigi warmer, you can keep the hard wax malleable and ready for use until you’re done waxing instead of worrying about it getting cold. See … They melt from a heat source, the type of which can vary. I use a wax warmer from GiGi. Touch the jar, and if it doesn't feel too hot, dip the tip of your finger in the wax carefully. Apply a thin layer of Pre-Epilation Oil to skin. GiGi 14 oz Wax Warmer As low as $37.25. Exfoliate using a scrub or scrubbing gloves to help smooth skin by removing dead skin cells, to prepare it for waxing. HK Wax Center - … Warm the GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax in the included warmer or in a microwave for about 10 seconds or until it turns into a liquid. Test the temperature of the wax before applying it to skin. Apply GiGi Wax Off to remove any wax residue and to condition skin. Moisturize the waxed skin by applying GiGi After Wax Cooling Gel, which will help reduce the pain and redness. If wax is warm, but not hot, test it on the inside of your wrist. one day I would like to update it with a nicer one. You need a thin layer, about the size of the epilating strip which is included in the kit. As the name suggests, the GiGi Student Starter Kit is … It's goopy and messy and painful. Dip the wooden spatula into the wax and pick up a quarter-sized amount or more. Warm the GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax in the included warmer or in a microwave for about 10 seconds or until it turns into a liquid. Auto shutoff temperature regulator. ADD TO BAG. Heats most types of wax and keeps wax at a constant ready-to-use temperature." I let the wax harden it in and just peel it out. The wax sometimes didn't come off with the strip and it ended up just pulling my skin. Open the can lid and place the can to the wax warmer. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Smooth it down with your fingers in the same direction as you applied the wax. Wax melts usually come in pre-portioned sizes. With this natural wax, you can have soft skin without worrying about shaving or removing hair for at least 4 weeks. Very easy to clean and you can get all the wax out when you clean it. I’ve been an esthetician for nearly 20 years and can tell you that as long as you have your technique down and don’t have skin with special needs, waxes like Gigi and Clean and Easy are just fine. Remove plastic lid from wax container. Fun Genesis WordPress Theme by, Pretty Darn Cute Design, Nana Bessie’s Sausage Stuffing Recipe For Slow Cooker, Learn How to Keep Your House Clean with These Easy Tips, The Best Way To Clean & Condition Smooth Leather, 10 Ingredients You Need To Add To Your Natural Cleaning Supplies List, How To Deep Clean & Deodorize A Slow Cooker, DIY Homemade “Lemi Shine” Detergent Booster. Warmer Set Up: Place warmer collar around the can of wax by slipping it on from the bottom and moving it to the top of the can, below the lid. Super compact dimensions at only 5 5/8 W X 4" T it easily accommodates a 14 oz. Gigi All Purpose Honee Wax is a natural formula, which can be used even on the most sensitive skin. You will feel a slight sting and might experience mild redness afterward. Make sure to keep the strip as close to the skin as possible as you pull it. The GiGi Honee Wax Warmer is an economy wax warmer that is perfect for the price conscious professional or consumer. GiGi Multi-Purpose Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit, 14 oz 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,563. Set the microwave timer for a duration of 10 seconds.
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