Taking Back Sunday`s EP The Taking Back Sunday EP is Taking Back Sunday`s first release, which was put out in 2001. position: absolute; z-index:999; position:absolute; Tidal Wave Taking Back Sunday. --> Check out Episode 5 where we talk about album play tours, tattoos and more right here: …. 'use strict';var g=function(a){var b=0;return function(){return b Oh yeah and Adam Lazzara was not involved with this album. } window.location = "https://sputnikmusic.com"; But any ways...They said you can down load it off of itunes. The band's members are Adam Lazzara (lead vocals), John Nolan (lead guitar, keyboards, vocals), Shaun Cooper (bass guitar), and Mark O'Connell (drums). EP. damn!!!! :visited { Text-Decoration : None; color: #333; } gads.type = 'text/javascript'; But their is also one change in the line-up for TBS that sticks out in this EP as well, you may or may not have known that what was the former background vocal leader John Nolan is the lead singer on this album, leading Adam the high pitched normal singer as the background vocal leader. --> Is there any cover art available anywhere for this? Taking Back Sunday is an American rock band from Long Island, New York.